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October 16th, 2017 | 5:07 am | Daily News | 2 Comments

Photo via The Shady One

Yo the new full-length Gang Corp video is incredible. Impossible to watch it and not get hyped. Made me wanna go to midtown and hit spots we haven’t tried skating in years.

Damn, Delancey Curb was lit last night.

Please donate what you can to the Harold Hunter Foundation, which is doing a rout of fundraising right now. “A donation big or small will help enable them to provide mentoring, life skills workshops and college/career readiness activities for young people who would otherwise have no access to these vital services.” The best skater from New York is a H.H.F. alumnus so they’re doing real good work over there ♥

The Dominican government DMed Luis Tolentino and asked him to represent D.R. in the Olympics. Idc what your position on the Olympics is…that’s pretty beast.

Boil the Ocean is tweaking its business model away from long-winded musings on the world of skateboarding to give us the Uber of skateboard filmers.

The latest episode of Skate Muzik has a detailed interview with Eli Gesner about the music supervision from the early Zoo York videos.

Jake, Zered, Eli + Mehring go to a place not known for having spots and look for spots.

A minute of new footage of Wade D. skating Toronto.

Jesse and his dad went to Hawaii to film a video for Stussy.

The Tennyson Corp. put together a cameo-laden compilation of Jaime Reyes footage, the first girl I can remember seeing footage of in an east coast skate video. #respect.

Someone found a stash of photos of Pepe Martinez skating his driveway in 1988.

Spot Updates1) The long Philly step on Kenmare is a wrap. 2) The city quickly rebuilt the Triangle and it sucks.

Brian Kelley has spent the past couple years searching for all sorts of ephemera from New York City’s transit system. His collection became this massive book that is essentially the unofficial history of MTA merch. Worth every penny for any sort of New York history nerd or graphic design geek.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Get your shoe, man.

Quote of the Week:
Pryce’s 30-Year-Old Friend: “Oh yeah, I’ve read about Finstas and Rinstas.”
Pryce’s 16-Year-Old Brother: “Where’d you read that, Parent Magazine?”

Gonna use this day before 10/17 to remind everyone about “I pull up in a Zonda same color lasagna.”

Louie This Louie That

March 6th, 2017 | 11:58 am | Daily News | 3 Comments


Congrats to Lou! ♥

An Instagram account partially focused on Gino skating flat in the F.A. warehouse.

Fresh Beer – Cold Beer” was of the finest straight-to-Vimeo exercises in ledge skating ever, and deserves some acknowledgement from the Czech Department of Tourism. The eight minutes of raw files from that trip are lovely.

Good vibes are contagious. Hearing Karl Watson reminisce for a half-hour is a nice way to set you on the path of having a wonderful day. Also, Karl is tied with The Muska for the skater who was most fun to interview for this website.

The boys in Buenos Aires did a chill wear test vid of the QS Bruin Hyperfeel.

Russian Bob uploaded four minutes of raw footage from Ron Deily, nu-era New Jersey legend and leading practitioner of lo-def noseslide tech.

Enjoyed this interview with the O.G. 2000 / Mariah video dudes about skateboarding in Switzerland, a European destination that tends to escape the global spotlight, despite being the world’s eminent destination for skateboarding on six-figure cars.

Everyone loves a good one-spot part or montage, but there’s something especially admirable about a one-spot montage of a place that instills zero desire of wanting to skate said spot due to how difficult it looks.

“If Marc Johnson hadn’t waited until 2016 to move to Adidas, could his Fully Flared part have been 26 minutes long? Backed by corporate shoe money, could The End have offered more realistic pyrotechnics? If DGK had clung to the Reebok deal, could Parental Advisory have offered a Jay-Z cameo instead of Beanie Siegel?”

You have probably already watched this new old Bill Strobeck video.

Eli Reed Harvey Keitel from Taxi Driver recreates an old Harold Hunter photo for Monster Children‘s “Back to the Feature” series. Amazing that the bump in Southbridge Towers is one of the few remaining landmarks of downtown skateboarding in the previous millenium.

The Bunt’s latest interview is with AWS alumnus, Gilbert Crockett.


Ari Marcopoulos — whose Out & About photos have become shorthand for the words “ninties New York skateboarding” — has a new ‘zine project coming out with Adidas.

Even he seems like he hates vegan food.” Top Ramen with Matt Perez coming soon.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Knicks games are a tough watch these days, but at least Brandon Jennings got waived so you get to see more of the second best player on the team, Ron Baker.

Quote of the Week: “I realized that you could do that job hungover, but it’s just better if you don’t.” — Dallas Todd

Running Around the Lobby

September 3rd, 2013 | 9:28 am | Daily News | 10 Comments

beach cruiser

Monday Links on a Tuesday for the second week in a row.

Check out Philly Santosuosso’s mini New York part for Politic Skateboards. Eighty percent of it was filmed within maybe a ten-block radius. For those who don’t know, Philly runs Humidity Skateshop in New Orleans. DGK did a sick video about the shop and crew a few weeks ago.

The twenty definitive skateboard apparel trends of the nineties, in #listicle form.

For whatever reason, Shorty’s decided to start making skateboards again (don’t Skate Mafia and Shake Junt seem to split the space that Shorty’s would occupy, had it survived the post-Muska era?), but at least their iconic Horty shirt never lost relevance, as evidenced by this Westchester, NY-based montage. A notable QS associate also kinda met his wife because of that shirt. An undisputed classic.

If you live in/near the East Village, you knew 12th & A has semi been back for over a week. Due to Instagram, it’s now common knowledge for all. So, here’s the first known clip from 12th & A version 6.0. Is filming a lo-fi viewfinder the new VX1000?

…or wait, now that Instagram promos are a “thing,” has the iPhone solidified its position as the new VX1000?

And if there’s a new VX1000, what’s the new TRV900? A Galaxy S4? Until we figure that out, Billy Rohan has been hitting the streets with a TRV, and coming out with “Illumingnarly” edits of standard New York weirdos and some skateboarding.

R.B. Umali breaks down a nineties-heavy top five tricks he’s ever filmed. All due respect to Kalis’ Newport fakie flip, but the kickflip from Peep This that R.B. filmed might edge it out, considering it’s maybe the best kickflip ever done. Also, Billy McFeely 5050ed the ledge Lennie Kirk boardslid.

Craiglist Missed Connection alert! Anyone who reads this site lock eyes with some girl on the L train at 1 A.M. the other night? If you get a date out of it, be sure to thank the G Man at our Missed Connections desk ;)

BAM (the former best spot in Brooklyn), is hosting a skateboard-themed film series from September 6th through the 23rd. They’ll be showing everything from Gleaming the Cube, to This Ain’t California, to Waiting for Lightning, to Kids, and even Yeah Right! on a big screen. Taji Ameen interviewed George Gage, director of Skateboard starring Tony Alva, one of the first mainstream movies about skateboarding and the first in BAM’s series. (Related: The fifteen-minute short from 1966, The Devil’s Toy, is available online for free, and is one of the first films to depict skateboarding altogether. BAM will be screening it along with some related shorts later in the month. It was also the source material for the random shots of kids skating in the original Lurkers 2 promo.)

QS Sports Desk *Throwback* Play of the Week / Article Recommendation: As Knicks fans, it’s easier to remember Tracy McGrady as a past-his-prime cap-clearing piece than the guy responsible for things like this, but Bill Simmons makes a compelling case for his spot in the hall of fame over on Grantland.

Quote of the Week: “Nike Dunk wedges are the new tongue ring.” — Roctakon. (Should we expect a Three 6 Mafia reunion solely to sing the praises of young women in Nike Dunk wedges?)

Not the first time that we’re bummed over local TV programing changes: Despite the fact that Coming to America came out twenty-five years ago, and his only semi-recent output is admittedly an amazing Chapelle’s Show cameo, Pix 11 decided to give Arsenio Hall his own show at 11 P.M., moving Seinfeld reruns to 6:30 P.M. and midnight starting next week. Less of a reason to come home early.

Monday Afternoon Links

November 29th, 2010 | 2:40 pm | Daily News | 5 Comments

As stated in the previous post, in light of the holidays, it has been a slow news week. No WikiLeaks scandal or Dylan Reider news to keep us occupied and reporting things on a regular basis. So here is what has surfaced on the internet in recent days…

The above screen grab, featuring a young, pre-tattoo Miles Marquez and the back of Danny Weiss’ head, accompanied by the late Harold Hunter is from Again (Part one here, Part two here), a twenty-five minute long candid skateboard video made by one of the more polarizing personalities in the history of Tompkins Square Park. The cast could be roughly summarized as containing every older dude who goes in when there’s a party going on. It is disappointing that there is minimal TF footage in it though. It features a full Harold Hunter “part,” which is largely set around an improvisational way of opening a can of beef stew (the song jams too.) There’s also footage of the Muska jumping off a shipping container in a wifebeater, with black gloves and a tee shirt hanging out of his pocket. If that’s not enough for you to set aside twenty-five minutes of your afternoon, well perhaps the all-too-distant site of Danny in his more agile Jewish athlete days will do the trick. (This video, shot after he forfeited his ties in the slim ranks of Jewish athletes somehow has 2,000 views, and it makes no sense.)

This seven-minute, early-era Krooked montage from an old 411 is drastically under seen.

It’s pretty great that those Manolo Mixtape things took a turn more off the radar, as this Nate Jones one was a pleasant surprise. That dude’s Real to Reel part is on the short-list for one of the best skating/music/editing combos in the history of skateboarding (Probably my favorite song choice in a skate video of all-time, short of “Real Big” of course), but the mixtape definitely does it justice by mixing it up with some lesser seen footage, a song-choice that preserved the feel of the last one, and even commendably kept the opening bird’s eye backside 180 in the same place.

Why searching for apartments in New York sucks.

Quote of the Week:That already tells me something…because white people don’t really mess with Backwoods.” – Carl

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Is you rolling?

November 15th, 2010 | 12:11 pm | Daily News | 12 Comments

A bunch of random links for an early Monday afternoon.

Throwaway clip featuring many of the Flipmode usual suspects. Both of Black Dave’s tricks at Columbia are super official.

Apparently, someone in some bizarre marketing company buried in a midtown office building got too psyched, and decided that utilizing fingerboards to appeal to an extremely affluent 35+ consumer base was a good idea, because Hermes started making commercials with them. Either that, or skateboarding’s income brackets have really started to build up, and luxury brands are beginning to expand into creating SB lines. Will P. Rod or Eric Koston be the first to ride for Louis Vuitton?

Marquez and the Supremes 17, Max Fish 6.

Although you might be dismayed at the fact that you are watching maybe the eighth or ninth video edited to “Pretty Boy Swag” this year, “Sasha Grey Returns” is a skateboard video that claims to have more breasts than any other, so whatever redundancies in music choices are negligible. (Also, Quartersnacks is laying claim to being ahead of the curve *maybe not so much* on the whole “Pretty Boy Swag” thing. This website gets at least three daily visitors from people Googling “this. right here. is my. new Lambo.”)

What twelve-year-old decided it was necessary to use that much wax on the Big Two spot?

If you need some inspiration for the day, take a trip back to 1998 and watch Steve Olson’s part from Fulfill the Dream. This guy is an inspiration to kids who get dressed in the dark via a pile of clothes in their room everywhere, in addition to any psychopaths interested in jumping onto otherwise unfeasible handrails. Or those looking to roll off of rooftops onto wooden rails. The song has to be one of the best choices to ever grace a skate part as well.

Fake boobz + Ventures + a bloody toe. Yeah.

The “My fucking bush!” guy definitely never expected that keeping the video off YouTube would turn into a full-time job.

Quote of the Week:The guidettes out in Chicago are hard body.” – Boss Bauer

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