Genghis Szott

Our good friend Aaron Szott recently moved to Mongolia (yes, Mongolia) for a job opportunity (he knows a lot about economics and stuff.) Taking inspiration from the guy who tracked down and put together the 44 seconds of known Ryan Hickey footage, we compiled all the random bits and pieces of Aaron’s footage from the past decade, and edited them to the sounds of his favorite rapper. It turns out that Aaron’s skateboarding has a cult following well beyond QS, and even on the internet’s most cynical corners. (No clue who “django whinehard” is on Slap, but he is incorrect in saying we have new Aaron footage to release. Last time he was here, we mostly skated Tompkins and talked about Max B.)

Here are a few clips taken from old QS videos, Jay Maldonado’s La Luz video, the first Traffic video, Lurkers 2, and issues of E.S.T.

Good luck out there, buddy.

(Stuyvesant Grocery BGPs. R.I.P.)

P.S. There are still jobs out there, current college students! You may just need to re-locate to Mongolia.