Yeah, We Still Skate Sometimes

March 13th, 2007 | 12:21 am | Video & Remixes | 42 Comments

While all you country bumpkins were thinking you were going to take over the streets, under the impression that we were falling off, we were out there holding down the block (in a legal way).

An interesting fact that all of you might want to note for the Quarter Snacks history books you’re all probably researching for, is that every clip since the middle of summer 2006 was filmed on a borrowed camera. And thanks to the VX1000 being the most unreliable piece of shit on the planet, the past few months have been sort of dry. In between hourly dice games, maintaining jobs, attending school, nights at 205, wasted days in the back of a skate shop, and parole violations, we’ve managed to get out and skate, probably more often than all you.

Luckily, Ben’s biological father recently let me borrow his GL1. I’m not a huge fan of this device, but it’s better than nothing, and I for damn sure don’t know how to use it, so I’ll tell you now — if you’re prone to vaginal infections at the sight of auto-exposure settings, poorly set colors, or any of that other shit, stay away. Otherwise…

Something to lean to…

August 26th, 2006 | 3:04 am | Video & Remixes | 1 Comment

Since summer is just about over, and the weather is nice enough to rain for the last few days that it has left, here is a clip for everyone sitting at home taking a break from stalking girls on myspace. The Watermelon Video that premiered a few weeks back basically consisted of all the footage from June and July, so a lot of the stuff in here is either a) old and just never used or b) submitted by other people. The clip features Matt Mooney, Mike Gigliotti, Billy Lynch, Danny Weiss, Scott Friend, Eby, Manny Rodriguez, Isak Buan, Pryce Holmes, Bill Pierce, Jasonwear, Charles Ives, Bubba Schrama, Uncle Bobo, Kevin Tierney, Ty Lyons, Danny Falla and Ben E.T. Enjoy whatever is left of your summer before you have to go back to school, hugging the block or whatever it is you do for the majority of the year.

Thanks to Jeff at SuchAGood, Jimmy Marketti, Flipmode Peter, Dennis Feliciano and everyone else who contributed footage.