#TRENDWATCH2013: “Chic Skater Turbans”

January 30th, 2013 | 2:16 pm | Daily News | 14 Comments

chic skater turban

Never one for banality, the dreamboat pro who brought you four-figure griptape continues to fuse together skateboarding and high fashion. Much like how girls and the companies that sell them things re-appropriated the headscarves of observant Muslim women into an overpriced luxury item, Alex Olson adopted a traditional Tom Penny t-shirt head wrap into something for fashion-forward skaters in warm climates (note the intricacies of how it is tied.) Though your average non-triangular skater #trend evades the female eye (e.g. girls only like camo on themselves, on other girls, and in theory), Liv Tyler, star of the documentary film, Armageddon, took notice and offered her compliments via a Max B adlib.

While Penny may have intended utilitarian purposes with his creation, Alex’s astute fashion sense couldn’t let this pass as a mere summertime cool-off device. Expect his pro model skater turban and signature griptape to debut at this upcoming New York Fashion Week in Chanel’s F/W 2013 Ready-To-Skate collection. Owwwwww!!!

Other #trends worth keeping an eye on:

– The phrase “*insert video here* is better than Pretty Sweet,” even when the video in question is quite obviously not better than Pretty Sweet. Analysts estimate that this phrase has been used to hyperbolically describe every single video released since mid-November, however inappropriate it may at times be.

– Very gay French montages. Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Happy week before Fashion Week, everybody!