The Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2011: 10-6

December 28th, 2011 | 12:52 pm | Features & Interviews | 20 Comments

2011 ends in less that four days. Wow. Previous installments of the countdown: #25-21, #20-16, #15-11. Final installment goes online December 31.

10. Lucas Puig Re-Legitimizes the Noseslide

The northeast may be the last place on earth that does not fully buy into the ballet of flip-in-flip-outs synonymous with the modern day noseslide. We were delighted to see Lucas Puig, one of European skateboarding’s most agreeable technicians, be the one to bring back a completely glitter-less version of one. Puig’s re-induction of the noseslide into acceptable territory for line choreographers has already been felt in videos since his Transworld spotlight, most notably via Stefan Janoski in The SB Chronicles.

Note: Whether or not this trick is acceptable for those under the age of 25 (i.e. those who have not been skating long enough to remember when the noseslide was an acceptable ledge trick) is a controversial subject.

Shut Down Champs, Did the Fool in Prada

December 12th, 2011 | 9:24 am | Daily News | 5 Comments

Today marks exactly five years since the release of The Inspiration, which is the second most important motivational masterpiece to come out during this website’s existence (first here.) In honor of this sacred date, above is the limited edition 1-of-10 Quartersnacks x The Inspiration custom griptape sheet. On a side note, the mixtape prelude to this album, had some serious bangers that QS will happily cut a thousand-dollar check for, provided they are CDQ versions without DJ Drama yelling nonsense all over them. If only Jeezy still made music like this…

Apparently, the school/park has began removing the “real” ledges from 12th & A, and threw out all the portable obstacles. One less place to skate during the day without getting kicked out. Great. R.I.P. 12th & A.

The Flipmode production house released a short, purple-tinged b-sides clip featuring their standard roster. Kids seem to really like Spaceghostpurp and lean references these days, huh.

If you started skateboarding around the time Photosynthesis came out, you’ve maybe wondered what happened to Pat Corcoran. Well, he dropped by a recent Chrome Ball post dedicated to him, and set the record and rumor-mongering straight with a detailed, yet completely punctuation-less comment.

Skateboard filmers who take themselves serious enough to make memes about filmer faux pas are probably the worst thing about skateboarding. We mix SD & HD, stretch SD, and chop it up to Rihanna & 2 Chainz, all in one clip.

The crew over at Seasons Skateshop in Albany uploaded a clip from deep in the archive of some of our homies. Wonderful soundtrack choice, and the only place online you’re going to see Ben Baptiste do a kickflip backside tailslide.

Strobeck clips tend to get re-blogged heavy, but in case you missed it, a remix of some older ones from the mid-to-late 2000s went up on YouTube yesterday.

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman: “Yeah, 2008 was a good summer.”
Alexander Mosley: “Of course it was a good summer, every summer is a good summer. You never hear anyone say ‘Yeah, that was a good winter.’”

Thanks to everyone who reposted our Best of 2011 Clip: Yaba Zoo, First Cut is the Cuttiest, Huckstep Life, Wheelbite, A-City-Crew, Handsome As Fuck, Trilogy Tapes, Humidity Skateshop, Waters & Army, Street Feed, Playboard, Network Skate, Dank Mag, Recordings of Boardings, Le Boom Blog, Grey Magazine, Hella Trill, Cream Mag, Domliebe, Throw Up the Horns, Le Site Du Skateboard, and 48 Blocks.

…and the dude who said “faggot music” in the comments on Hella Clips can save it.

125th Street & Black Donald Trump Boulevard

September 26th, 2011 | 9:20 am | Daily News | 5 Comments

Quartersnacks will soon begin petitioning the city in hopes of changing the Harlem stretch of Seventh Avenue from Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, to Black Donald Trump Boulevard, similar to a ten-year-old HBO initiative of renaming Crossbay Boulevard in Howard Beach to Tupac Shakur Boulevard.

Congratulations to the crew at KCDC on their ten years of business. The shop was featured in the Times this past weekend. The article is kind of corny, but non-corny mainstream media articles about skateboarding are few and far between.

Flushing, Queens, home of the largest post-Hurricane Irene sidewalk bump.

Leo Gutman is one of the best skateboarders in New York. Here’s a sick photo of him doing a frontside 180.

Roctakon was nominated for a Paper magazine “Nightlife Award.” He has a better 360 flip than anyone else nominated for the “Best DJ” category, so there’s no reason he shouldn’t win.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade, fool.” Early footage of Loose Trucks Max, cameos from Young M Dot Davis, and other clips of interest.

Some scans of a circa 2001 Mass Appeal article about Supreme. The bandana boards and Autumn’s Bradley “Demon Child” shirt are the two New York skate shop artifacts most in need of a re-issue.

Random Footage Bits: “Made in America” by Two Hawks Young, Richmond, VA crew ripping around the city (includes what’s probably the first non-rollerblade trick on that black kinked rail between Battery Park and Battery Park City.)

Below is a compilation clip of largely unreleased footage filmed by Jimmy Marketti throughout the past few years. Features a high volume of noteworthy New York skateboard personalities. And Shawn Powers engaging in a one-sided conversation with an inanimate object.

It’s strange that Brandon Westgate didn’t include YC and Future in his “Top 5 Bands” section for his Focus 10 Top 5′s.

!!!12th & A Update!!!: It’s not “completely done for,” as many have said, just closed for an undetermined amount of time while they figure some things out. Go skate a “real” spot.

Quote of the Week: “Ty, do you think Supreme would be down to put an ATM in front of the shop?” — Fat Billy From Spring Street

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New York City & Flood Zones: The Skateboard Version

August 27th, 2011 | 7:00 pm | Daily News | 1 Comment

As Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene makes its way up the east coast, New York residents continue to disregard that its severity has been embellished by the Mike “I blew it on the Christmas storm” Bloomberg propaganda machine. But in the event that he is not lying in hopes of preventing a backlash similar to the one from last winter, we have devised a (somewhat) definitive guide on how any potential flooding could affect skateboarding in New York after tomorrow’s “hurricane.”

Tompkins Square Park – Flood Zone C: Thankfully, the most sacred ground in New York City skateboarding will only be compromised in the event of a category 3 storm or worse. E.J. doesn’t seem too worried about it, despite the fact that his Avenue D residence is in Zone A. Who needs to go to an evacuation center when you can just sit on the benches at Tompkins?

Remember Billy’s famous words from the 2003 blackout: “Tompkins is the safest place in the world right now.” The same could be said about this storm. The shipping container at 12th & A might also be a good hideout for those with Zone A residences.

Waka Flocka Makes It Rain at 12th & A

July 31st, 2011 | 3:52 pm | Daily News | 5 Comments

Several days ago, the past two summers’ favorite rapper and victim of one of the largest Grammy snubs of all time, Waka Flocka, was spotted at our beloved ball court with crusty ledges. On an otherwise underwhelming day for 12th & A (the gate was locked), Waka bro-ed down with the locals and proceeded to walk across the street to Reciprocal Skate Shop and make it rain. That rain yielded a wide assortment of skate products and new boards for all those present. Luckily, there was a camera there to capture the man’s generosity. Everyone ask Billy if we could get a commemorative Waka statue or gold-plated plaque at the park in light of the occasion. It would’ve been sick if he went to Autumn, so Paulgar could’ve made it on WorldStar.

One of the few active rappers that matter in 2011. Waka supports skateboarding, so support him. Ferrari Boyz out next Tuesday, August 9th. Waka’s recent trip to New York is also significant because it revealed that Quartersnacks and Brick Squad are probably the only two institutions that hit up 12th & A and Sin City in the same day.

Originally spotted on Worldstar, but their video player sucks sometimes. So here it is on YouTube.