Wollman Rink

Spots: Midtown

Spot: Not-great ledge on not-great ground that’s a last resort after getting kicked out of everywhere else in midtown.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦♦: Many park workers will see you and not hassle you, but don’t leave out the possibility of them telling you to beat it, or them giving you a ticket. The spot is very crowded during the winter when the rink is open, thus impossible to skate.

Location: In the southeast corner of Central Park, just left off the main, bench-lined path at the 60th Street entrance. Take the N, Q, or R to 59th Street, and skate one block north to 60th along 5th. Walk into the Central Park entrance, stay to your left, and follow the signs to Wollman Rink.

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