Chinatown Banks

Spots: Downtown Manhattan — Chinatown, East Village & L.E.S.

Update — March 2011: The Parks Department bolted a bench down in front of the main, still (slightly) concreted-over bank here. So there is pretty much no reason to ever come here again.

Spot: Unless you’re Richard Mulder on cruiser wheels, the majority of the “banks” here are completely obsolete. It is primarily a BMX spot, save one bank, that has been smoothed over with cement and re-touched with quick-crete over the years. The bank is relatively mellow, with a cement edge that can be stalled on, but not grinded. The plaza itself sits on a hill, so if you are approaching it from the southern side of the bank, you will need to throw your board down to gather up speed for it.

Bust — ♦♦ / Occasional: Very rarely, cops will cruise by and tell you that you cannot skate in the park, otherwise, it may be crowded, but you are not likely to get kicked out.

Location: East Broadway and the Bowery. Take the F train to East Broadway and skate west on East Broadway for six or seven blocks until it ends at the Bowery. The spot is on the left side, in Chatham Square.

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