Love Park in 2015: An Interview With Brian Panebianco

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Looking in from the outside (or from 100 miles north on the interstate), Love Park seems to have always existed in eras. There was the Ricky / Eastern Exposure era, the Kalis / Wenning / Pappalardo et al. / Photosynthesis era, and now, after some downtime last decade, there is the current “pink planter” era. And there’s no crew or series that has been pushing footage of Love Park and Philly in 2015 like the Sabotage videos. Below is a conversation with Brian Panebianco, one of the principal filmers and creative forces behind Sabotage (video #4 is due out 9/11/15), about skateboarding’s most iconic skate spot as it stands in 2015, and all that surrounds it.


Are you originally from Philly?

I’m from the suburbs, like 35 minutes out.

When was the first time you went to Love Park?

Probably when they had the first X-Games street contest at City Hall [in 2001.] I remember everyone was skating the Municipal Building, but you couldn’t skate Love because the cops were waiting there. By the next year, all the pink planters were in.

Where would you skate in those years after downtown Philly got shut down?

I grew up skating this D.I.Y. spot in Lansdale, Pennsylvania that’s actually still there. Or we’d just skate around the neighborhood.

Did you ever go into the city?

Once I got my license, I did, but by that time, Love was completely shut down. I grew up without it being skateable. We’d try to skate City Hall and sometimes get lucky, but usually not. We’d go to the three block, Temple and those shitty spots.

There was also that D.I.Y. spot with the parking blocks under I-95 that Wenning and Kerry Getz used to always skate.

How’d you get into making videos?

I’d film with this shitty camera until 2005, when I got a VX1000, and that’s when I got hyped on it. I was never a Skate Perception dude or anything, but I had a few friends who were. Some of the first people I started going out skating with were Ant and Dom Travis. Ant had a VX and he was into cameras. We started making little montages from that D.I.Y. spot, but nothing much beyond that. We still didn’t skate downtown much.

Verizon Banks & the Evolution of the Species

August 5th, 2015 | 5:20 am | Daily News | 17 Comments


Photo by Colin Sussingham

It was the early 2000s and New York skateboarding was growing. Tight-black-denimed and Diesel-jeaned transplants were moving to newly gentrified Williamsburg and Bushwick by the zillions, thus bringing new eyes to spots that were otherwise only known to few North Brooklyn locals (Vinnie Ponte or someone had like one trick there in either Peep This or Heads too.) With BAM knobbed and slated for demolition, the Verizon Banks — located at the then in-the-cut intersection of Meserole and Lorimer — became the most recognizable skate spot in Brooklyn.

Sadly, it did not live long after the release of Vicious Cycle, the seminal video that won the spot its desirability. It became blown out and knobbed before class of 2006 high schoolers even received their acceptance letters from Pratt. More sadly, alcoholism-inducing North Brooklyn destinations like Reggaeton Ledges, the B.Q.E. Lot and…the McCarren black “ledge” became the borough’s most sought-after spots.

Ten years passed and something happened.

People began skating Verizon Banks again.

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Already August

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Photo via Troy

Sometimes you gotta get up and laugh it off, you know? (That girl rips btw.)

Anyone wondering when the stuff that was at T.F. on Friday will reappear, follow N.Y. Ramp Co. on Instagram for alerts. Supposedly at Tompkins once a week.

Shout out to Adidas for acknowledging that Columbus Circle is the last remaining true “plaza” in New York with their plaza-loving Suciu part. (Flushing is not a plaza spot…it takes fifteen minutes to skate to the nearest store, among other things.)

A fan remix of some reigning Q.S.S.O.T.Y. Max Palmer video blog footage.

Yo, everyone needs to get better at looking out for cars when your boy is skating some spot that leads out into the street. In the immortal words of Rob Campbell: “It might be funny when you get hit by a car, but not when you get run over by one.”

Good for a laugh: a #listicle of the worst skateparks ever built.

Maybe it’s because we’re biased on this side of the country and they’ve been running way more east coast stuff as of late, but tough to disagree that Transworld issues have somehow gotten better as they have slimmed down and print has taken a backseat to online. Skateboard Story has a good interview with Mike Fitzgerald, TWS‘ director of sales, about keeping a three-decade-old skate magazine afloat in 2015.

Life lessons learned from The Hot Chocolate Tour via SMLTalk. Ayo for yayo.

This was basically like Inside the Skater’s Studio with Donny Barley.

#girl #power. “I just like to kickflip over stuff.”

Joe Cups uploaded a bonus montage from the 2004 Lurkers 2 video to his YouTube page. R.I.P. old back of Union Square. R.I.P. Pepsi Ledge. R.I.P. to the really good metal ledge with bad ground on Duane and Hudson Streets. (He also uploaded a better quality version of Lurkers 2 itself.)

The olds v.s. the youngs — chapter 95,746: “ironic” skateboarding edition a.k.a. how these ten seconds of Seymour Skinner will never not be relevant.

Every trick done down Clipper in seven minutes.

Colin Sussingham is having a show at 2nd Nature in Bushwick on Friday. $1 prints :)

The New Yorker is really into skateboarding these days.

Big last week for New Jersey. Shout out to Paterson.

Quote of the Week: “Do you know where I can get Xanax? …or any other drugs? …is that VX? I used to skate.” — Soho Lurker

Please @ me once someone does a trick into this. Thanks ;)

These Are More Than Words, This Is More Than [Skating]

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Several days late. Better than never.

For the majority of 2005, there was no Quartersnacks. There was an unregistered domain name, and an unseen stockpile of footage featuring the people who would most closely come to be associated with this website.

Then, Thug Motivation 101 dropped.

♫ The world is yours, and everything in it ♫

♫ It’s out there, get on your grind and get it ♫

July 26th, the boy indeed did deliver a classic. On September 12th, QS was born.

But it wasn’t born out of spontaneity. It wasn’t born because we were bored. It was born because Thug Motivation 101 brought it to fruition. Had it not been for that record collection of motivational speeches blaring into our eardrums for the second half of the summer of 2005, you wouldn’t have had a website to stare at every morning for the past decade before you tunnel down whatever dark wormhole of the internet you enjoy. We were young, we were motivated, we got out there and got it. And on top of everything, we were wearing t-shirts that were four sizes too big for us.

[Special thank you to Thando for da mix]

Thank you Jeezy, for everything. Could not have done it without you.

And for the record, this is the greatest video part edited to a song off TM101:

Have a good weekend. Let’s get it.

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‘That Dirty Spirit 2′ — QS + PDX

July 29th, 2015 | 4:30 am | Video & Remixes | 4 Comments

qs pdx

Below is a quick video of our weekend trip to the land of Lunarlon, “Matt Beach did this here”-anecdotes (never forget), insanely good food, gorgeous mountain views, bad [face] tattoos, and strippers dancing to MF Doom.

Naturally, DS2 A.K.A. “That Dirty Spirit 2,” as it is known through Matt Perez’s Snapchat, did not leave the CD changer throughout the duration of the journey.

Features Finn, John Gardner, Cyrus Bennett, Dom Travis, Ty Lyons, Rob Sissi, Tyler Tufty. Video by Johnny Wilson, of Space Heater fame.

Alternate YouTube Link