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A late Monday Links post with a photo of Ri on vacation to accompany a prolonged content slump is practically a QS middle of summer tradition. In all honesty, we’ve been working on backend issues of this circa 2010 ass website for the past few months, and are finally closing in towards the end. After that’s all done, we’re back to bringing you all the hot takes on the Osiris D3 like the rest of the skateboard internet. We even started bringing the real camera out again!

“Don’t let the mainstream media fool you, walls are just vertical floors.” The official roster and challenge list for the 2018 Dime Glory Challenge has been released. See everyone there? (Related and related.)

“BLESSED”, the new full-length Supreme video, is on the way.

The Bunt’s new one is with young New Jersey legend, Jersey Dave’s first-born child, and underrated skate hair icon, Josh Wilson.

“It was pretty common to see kids charging through New York City together in big packs, sometimes 30-deep. The energy that creates is insane, and you can’t help but get swept up by it. Everybody’s feeding off it and pushing each other, which I honestly feel was a big contributing factor for all of us progressing so quickly.” Chromeball interview #119 is with Keith Hufnagel.

Vol. 26 of LurkNYC “N.Y. Times” b-sides is now playing over on TWS. Between all the beanies + winter clothes, and that whole hectic section on the Christie Street bike path, it gave the entire QS office crippling anxiety.

“Like so many of life’s conundrums, one inevitably is left pondering the fate of the switch hardflip.”

The Chinatown Manual Pad seems like it has been experiencing a recent resurgence in coverage, with the new D.O.A. promo being the the latest evidence.

Shout out to the Yardsale boys for carving out a #mood with their new full-length video while using the same DSL-R camera that we have been using for QS edits for the bulk of this decade. It is very much documented that some people hate that thing and the quality of footage it produces, but it occupies this loose space between iPhone and going full HPX that compliments homie videos like the YS one quite well.

Village Psychic has a rad interview with Patrik Wallner about skateboarding in North Korea, where he’s been four (!) times.

Kyota went to Boston alone, filmed himself, and eventually made Boston friends.

Quote of the Week: “How much do you think a helicopter from Korea to the Glory Challenge costs?” — John Choi

#QSTOP10 — July 27, 2018

Wanna give a shout out to the bro Josh Kalis. There’s a twenty-year-old photo of him switch back noseblunting the three stair out ledge at Italian Ledges in an old TWS and we (as people who grew up getting kicked out of there on a weekly basis) always wondered what happened to the footage of it. Not because we doubted his ability to land it, just because, like, you don’t really throw away a switch back noseblunt over a three-stair ledge in 1998. Now, the childhood mystery may not have been solved, but he did in fact switch back noseblunt another iconic midtown Manhattan slab of marble a mere three blocks away in the new DC video.

Otherwise, Westgate showed up this week to remind you that he still has the best kickflip, and footage has pretty much NEVER done that Gare de Lyon spot justice. Those steps after the bank are gigantic.

Original Clips:


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When You’re Bad, You’re Bad

Happy birthday Ben Blundell! Photo via that social media platform that people stopped using in favor of Instagram being worse at doing the same exact things. No idea who took the photo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The creators behind the first ever “Summer Trip to New York” montage to utilize 6ix9ine were nice enough to release it alongside the clip’s raw files for those not bold enough to find out what a full 6ix9ine song actually sounds like.

“Either you’re down or you’re not. New Orleans is insanely small, and not only am I the shop owner, but I skate, so at the end of the day at 7, I’m like on the corner with all boys drinking beer. I don’t want to be like, “uh no you’re not on, you are on.” It’s just dumb, so with me it’s just like man the whole city’s on.” Skate Jawn has a new interview with QS office favorite, Philly Santosuosso. (Related.)

Boil the Ocean’s Quasi Mother review is here to remind you that Josh Wilson is all-too-often forgotten in the Skateboarding’s Greatest Hair™ conversation. That reminds me to go pop a biotin right now…

You’ve no doubt caught it, but Adidas has a new video of the 50-year-old Mark Gonzales and the twenty-year-old Tyshawn Jones skating around lower Manhattan together. The “this is a state trooper building” bit made me laugh hehe.

Spencer Hamilton got two bangers at Big Screen in his new part on Thrasher.

…and Thrasher has the raw files of T-Funk’s polejam boardslide down the Columbus Park rail. (Half the park is still fenced off btw.)

Imagine driving from Austin to New York so that you could skate the triangle manual pad up the block from L.E.S. These dudes look like they drove from Austin to New York so they could skate the triangle manual pad up the block from L.E.S.

Paul Young uploaded a circa 2015 Nick Ferro footy tape, from the age before he began his current quest of mastering the switch hardflip.

Leo season begins today, but apparently so did Jinx season.

TWS has Andrew Singh’s part from the Westchester-based PFP5 video.

The Bunt is back and their first episode of the new season is with the last non #big #rail #guy to get S.O.T.Y., Wes Kremer.

Here is a minute of Mother extras and B-sides. Hope for more one day :)

Quote of the Week: “Skimboarding is a lot like skating. You just throw down and hit the quarterpipe.” — Cyrus Bennett

Quartersnacks Top 10 — July 20, 2018

Not not an all-Quasi edition of the countdown, though there weren’t enough parts in there to give them ten slots — but rejoice in the fact that you don’t have to watch the video off a porn site for now. Also gave special attention to that quite good Cons tour vid with a bunch of dudes who didn’t have parts or appearances in Purple (besides Bobby obvs), and also included the office’s favorite two-trick ledge line in a minute.

Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


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aight bet. — A Hardbody Production

“aight bet.” is a check-in from Hardbody with a few loose ends filmed since the DANY video came out two long summers ago. Filmed around the city, and featuring Joseph Delgado, Chachi, Shawn Powers, Javaris Williams, Yaje Popson, Jason Byoun, Kevin Tierney, Genesis Evans, and Adam Zhu. Filmed and edited by Emilio Cuilan.

Stay tuned for something special soon ♥

In the meantime, Hardbody goods are available on, and at CHCM Shop (2 Bond Street, quite literally across the street from the gap.)

Alternate YouTube Link

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