Quartersnacks Top 10 — August 12, 2016

August 12th, 2016 | 4:25 am | Daily News | 3 Comments

qs top 10

Pretty light week this time around compared the the onslaught of videos that dropped last week. Got some chill wallrides, a MACBA obstacle that has never successfully been conquered until this now, and the footage evidence of one of the coolest looking New York magazine covers in a solid minute instead. Can’t forget some pertinent Glory Challenge standouts either. Have a good weekend bye ;)

Original Clips:


10) Challex Olson via @hjaltehalberg on Instagram [link] 9) James Pitonyak via Bruns 2 [link] 8) Thaynan Costa via his TWS “AM Spotlight” part [link] 7) Nassim Guaamazz via Bombaklats [link] 6) Alexis Lacroix via Thrasher’s Dime Glory Challenge recap [link] 5) Brad Cromer via “HUF NYC” [link] 4) Frank Gerwer via Thrasher’s Dime Glory Challenge recap [link] 3) Tyshawn Jones via @enwhytj on Instagram [link] 2) James Moore via @metroskateboarding on Instagram [link] 1) Austyn Gillette via “HUF NYC” [link]


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Embracing Unreality — The 2016 Dime Glory Challenge

August 10th, 2016 | 12:43 pm | Features & Interviews | 12 Comments


Words and Photos by Zach Baker

“I love Montreal so much, but every time I come here, I’m such a piece of shit.” — Jersey Dave

Skateboarding is all spectacle, but I understand that you’re up in arms about the International Olympic Committee treating it like the highly-commercialized mainstream sport that it is. You’re asking “how can you even judge skateboarding? It’s art, bro.”

Dime, in the Canadian tradition of being smarter, funnier and better at skateboarding than us, addressed this dilemma long before Tokyo 2020 was even a discussion. But still, we’re here deciding which kickball court to skate piles of refuse in, pleading, “how could they do this to us? This isn’t the 200 meter backstroke…this is skateboarding!” Yes, aside from the fact that smoking weed makes you better at it, skateboarding has very little in common with competitive swimming.

As descendants of the land that brought us the Montreal Screwjob, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and Robert “Sluggo” Boyce, the Dime boys recognized what the future of skateboard events could and should look like. Let me tell you, it looks a lot like professional wrestling.

Copen-N-Hagen: The Nørreport

August 9th, 2016 | 3:16 am | Video & Remixes | 4 Comments


#TF. Photo by Zach Malfa-Kowalski

It is tough to come up with an unjustified hyperbole about Copenhagen. I watched a board shoot out into an old lady’s bike the other day, and she smiled it off, waved goodbye and went about her business. We were skating a playground in a place that by some Scandinavian stretch, had Bushwick playground vibes, and accidentally almost crashed into a five-year-old. The response was “try and watch out for the kids” — not “fam I’m deadass about to get all my cousins to pull up and shoot you.” The place is a perfect concoction of people not giving a shit about what you’re doing, and people caring so much about what you do because they’ll line every modern public space with some sort of perfectly skateable object.

The T.F. here doesn’t have its boxes taken away in 48 hour cycles. In the summer, you spend zero time inside a car or train. Places will serve you sexy cocktails to go. You can enjoy a beer or six, and some guy will not be far off waiting to collect your empty can moments after you finish. Every spot is parallel to some of the earth’s luckiest bike seats ♥. Even drunk street meat decisions don’t seem to be as much of a gastrointestinal threat as they do stateside. Sure, it’s expensive and cold in the winter, but we live in New York. Don’t sit here and tell me about expensive and cold when your boy just found the deal of a lifetime for a $1300 10 x 10 off the Myrtle-Broadway stop that he needs to still buy a spaceheater for, but still sleeps in his socks.

Scandinavian Summer

August 8th, 2016 | 4:36 am | Daily News | 3 Comments



Posted remotely in Copenhagen for the week, where it already fast-forwarded to everyone needing a hoody and jacket at night. Here are eighteen seconds of Hjalte warm-ups filmed a hundred feet from where this post is being typed.

Holy switch inward heelflip. Two minutes of largely unreleased Keenan footage.

America: Where seemingly sane “adults” argue about the placement of a trash can + yoga/skate hybrids and LurkNYC showing #OGRESPECT in volume eighteen of their always entertaining “New York Times” throwaways series.

Here’s a five-minute recap on the Keenan Forever skate jam at T.F. West last week.

Shout out to this mid-2000s B.A. footage that Joey Digital posted last week.

Sweet Sixteen” is a chill New York montage via Evan Pacheco and Harry Bergenfield.

The many frustrations of skating Allen Street, summed up in 43 seconds. Ugh.

Recently started a dedicated shoebox for all the zines scattered around my apartment. Pretty sure they’ll still be around when IG is covered in pixely cobwebs and every Snapchat story expires. Kingpin has a nice lil’ round-up of what’s popping in the zine scene, and Village Psychic interviewed the mind behind Boston’s Blessed mag.

#TRENDWATCH2016: Hoboken Skatepark? Mini ramps??? New iPhone clip from Genesis from Hoboken, Blue Park, and the new McCarren.

Boil the Ocean re: Tokyo 2020 hypnotizing chickens. QS is an Olympic rant free zone.

Bruns 1 icon, Nik Stain’s short-n-sweet Bruns 2 part is now online.

New York is the new Cali. An interview with Clem from Recordings of Boardings.

With skate premieres officially becoming an unwelcome cultural even at Sunshine theater this past spring, have we found the new capital of illicit beers and big-screen skate video screenings?! Omg. The SVA theater will be hosting the premiere of Colin Read’s new video this Saturday, which features parts from Quim Cardona, Vincent Touzery, Chris Jones, and rumor has it, DANIEL KIM footage. Jenkem did an interview about Colin’s purportedly last video as well.

Quote of the Week:


[Unsolicited link to “Bando Lingo,” just in case…]

Quartersnacks Top 10 — August 5, 2016

August 5th, 2016 | 5:21 am | Daily News | No Comments

qs top 10

Been a heavy past week for videos. Between the Palace vid, the Hockey vid, that random one from Supra and the Anti-Hero “Chestnut Hill” video, there was a lot to cover — but obviously, all of that fell to the wayside up against Jamal Smith’s pre Glory Challenge rant, which the office agreed was too #lifestyle-heavy to include in a skate-based countdown. What a piece of public speaking though ;)

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Nobody cares about your Olympic opinion btw.

Original Clips:


10) Max Palmer via @john1wilson on Instagram [link] 9) Ben Blundell via @lilmanmili on Instagram [link] 8) Spencer Hamilton via Supra’s “Oscar & Friends” video [link] 7) Sluggo via @danstolling on Instagram [link] 6) Ben Kadow via “Hockey II” [link] 5) Tom Penny via Supra’s “Oscar & Friends” video [link] 4) Daan Van Der Linden via Anti-Hero’s “Chestnut Hill” video [link] 3) Danny Brady via Palace’s “V Nice” video [link] 2) Jamal Smith via @dimemtl on Instagram [link] 1) Andrew Allen via “Hockey II” [link]


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