Bobby Worrest 777LSD Remix

April 10th, 2018 | 8:33 am | Video & Remixes | 1 Comment

When Bobby’s QS part dropped back in 2014, there was a background current about how “Bobby and Migos doesn’t make sense” (no doubt from guys who pester teenagers’ montage music selections on YouTube.) Somehow, he exists in people’s minds as this Kool Keith evangelist, due to his obvs great Right Foot Forward song.

The joke is on them though — because when I originally asked him about what song he wanted to skate to for it, he told me Wiz Khalifa’s then-buzzing, “We Dem Boyz.”

No, this remix isn’t to retreat back on him skating to 2014’s Song of the Summer contender. We even resisted the more literal route of editing it to something from 2017’s most underrated album, which just so happens to be from the DMV area (kinda ABD, tho we used the most obvious song off it.) Nah, this one is for another lesser known side of Bob. We dedicate this QS remix to Bobby Worrest: Ladies Man ♥

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The Official 2017 S.O.T.Y. Alternate Reality Remix

February 28th, 2018 | 8:48 am | Video & Remixes | 14 Comments

The time? December 2017. The place? The buzzing hallways of the Quartersnacks office — editors scrambling to determine which 25 events from the past year impacted New York life the most. The off-hand topic? S.O.T.Y. Our take? Well, it had to be between Enrique Lorenzo on High Grade Steroids x5, or the sleeper contender in America’s sweetheart. The reality? Thrasher gave it to the big boy.

No disrespect — but he took third place of most discussed around the QS water cooler, some 3,000 miles from Thrasher‘s H.Q.

We took the concept of Boil the Ocean’s most ambitious bizzaro world S.O.T.Y. post a few steps further. In a year where Time gave its “Person of the Year” honors to a group rather than an individual, we propose an alternate reality for 2017’s skater of the year.

Shout out to Dana Ericson for help on the graphics, and Diego Meek on the dubbing ♥

Web Premiere — Daniel Kim’s Stop Fakin’ 3 Part

February 6th, 2018 | 1:02 pm | Video & Remixes | 2 Comments

“A few years ago, Daniel started showing up to Pulaski without his board, just to stare into the sun for hours on end. After a few months of this, he announced Stingwater.” — Smalls

After the release of Belly of the Beast, Allan Danze retired from skateboard filmmaking (because he was beginning to GRoE: Getting Ready tO Evolve.)

After the release of Spirit Quest, Colin Read retired from skateboard filmmaking (because, you probably suspected, he was beginning to GRoE.)

And as you may also already know, Stop Fakin’ 3 will be Smalls’ final video.

He is about to GRoE into a new chapter of life. Daniel was merely a brief spiritual guide on this vast journey.

GRoE-th is not for everybody. Daniel will be the first to tell you that people will misconstrue you GRoEing into convenient categories that their brains can easily process. Here is his four-limbed part from Stop Fakin’ 3, for all of those ready to evolve. You can purchase the Stop Fakin’ trilogy here.

It stings the face.

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Web Premiere — John Francomacaro’s ‘N.Y. Archive’ Part

January 30th, 2018 | 10:14 am | Video & Remixes | 3 Comments

Photo by Colin Sussingham

“In between getting busted on KTV’s (R.I.P.) rooftop, punching a taxi cab driver right in the face for disrespecting his woman, and auditioning for lead roles in action-thriller films, Franco found a way to put together a very speshal™ video part in John Valenti’s new offering, N.Y. Archive. Almost three years in the making, the groewth within this timeline is apparent. All of Franco’s outfits are sick. The looks range from a troubled and misguided low-ranking Italian mobster, to a successful businessman and father who works on Wall Street — his statements become more powerful with each clip.” — Vert God A.K.A. Daniel Kim

N.Y. Archive is a new video from John Valenti, whose last full length was 2015’s Local Express. The video should be available soon, but until then, here’s Franco’s section, and Transworld has you covered for the ender part.

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Too Much Convo For 24 Hours — Best of 2017

December 22nd, 2017 | 12:06 pm | Video & Remixes | 7 Comments

Having been around long enough to recall the days of the internet not being a legitimate place for skate footage, a smaller, albeit less dramatic shift has been happening. Cue up Pontus Alv pontificating *wink* about the quality of footage merely being thrown on Instagram: “I don’t know if they were showing off or something. Maybe it’s part of a new marketing philosophy that we don’t understand.”

Pulling out the Real Camera™ is a grand gesture in 2017. The level of shit people are ready to throw out there for Instagram has made taking out the R.C™ almost disruptive when people are just having fun. Point three iPhones at it and it’s fine, but the tone of the session changes when it becomes “oh, let me set up the camera.”

“Nah man, I’m just having fun…not saving this for anything.”

2017 saw less R.C™ usage than any previous year. We used it on trips, we used it for night sessions we were able to get a crew out for, and yeah, sometimes we did end up using it instead of an iPhone for something that only took three tries.

It was a fucking amazing year for skateboarding and friends, in this city and beyond. DJ Mustard’s longest-ever streak of a song in a QS “Best of” is officially broken, but you-know-who is now on a two-year one. And you know damn well this would be edited to “Unforgettable” — it’s any human I’ve had a conversation with in 2017’s favorite song of the year — if only we hadn’t used it in April’s Mexico edit.

Sadly, there’s no Andre Page footage in this, as he specialized in 40-second lines this past year, but here’s a good consolation.

Saving the bad news for last: there’s no Christmas clip this year. Between injuries and traveling, fall skating in the city wasn’t as abundant in the decade-plus past. Gonna make a New Year’s resolution of bringing the R.C™ out more, so hopefully we’re back in the swing of our favorite annual tradition by this time next year.

We’ll be back on Tuesday, December 26th. Love you all, Merry Christmas ♥

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