Skate Spot Porn: Across the Street From Black Hubba

February 20th, 2013 | 8:03 am | Spot Updates | 1 Comment


Remember that spot across from Black Hubba? It had a some rails people haven’t skated since the 90s and a good marble ledge over three steps. After 9/11, they put security booths at every corner (obviously for way more important reasons than skateboarding), which made it an immediate bust with a good chance of a fine and board confiscation. Well, it’s looking good after a recent facelift: Ledge view, curved bench and ledge view, circular manny pad view.

Just count on it remaining a tease, because it’s part of a federal building. But hey, Jake Johnson had enough time to do that narrow wall ollie twice (same building) and security eased up on skating the Courthouse Drop these past few years, so you never know (though it’s a better chance that some moron gets arrested for skating there the first weekend the barricades come down.)

Other recent spot developments:

The bank to grated green ledge on the eastside / the most blown out spot of the past two years is gone.

Contrary to initial reports, the Chase three-up-five-down might be getting restored to its original surface material.

Uptown isn’t hyped on that West 4th Street dancing.

Bubble Banks R.I.P.

January 24th, 2013 | 4:21 pm | Spot Updates | 46 Comments

k reed bubble banks

Kenny Reed — Late-ninetiesish — Photo by Mike O’Meally

The Bubble Banks are the first spot casualty of 2013.

The plaza is surrounded by barricades and all of the banks are being torn out from the ground. It was without doubt, the whitest spot in New York City. You’ll be hard pressed to find footage of an Asian, African American, Hispanic or even Native American skateboarder skating here. The banks were tough to skate, the cracks got worse with each passing winter, but it had been a midtown staple for so long with a lower bust factor than any other nearby spot. They weren’t much fun to skate, but at least the spot was photogenic. It’s still sad to see it go. The skateboarders and homeless people who slept here during the summers will miss it. R.I.P.

(Thanks to Nicholas for the tip and photo.)

bubble banks done

The Year in T.F. Obstacles: #TFReport Special Edition

December 19th, 2012 | 11:32 am | Spot Updates | 13 Comments

tompkins ej

Photo by Emilio Cuilan

It has been a landmark year for the T.F. Some thought that it would never find #relevance in a *New* New York of accessible skateparks and children uninterested in street spots (or in its case, street spots that aren’t actually street spots.) With Autumn gone, others feared the T.F. organism could not continue life without co-dependence of a nearby shop that would supply it with sustenance by way of angle iron and wood. A select few believed that distant rival, T.F. West, could hijack key demographics at a time when the Tompkins seemed more concerned with providing the District Attorney’s Office or Jewish Street Hockey with a playing field, even allowing them to cover our beloved green benches with caution tape. All were wrong.

Having reached its ten-year anniversary and thus solidifying its legacy (see #6), the T.F. sat back and reveled in its own immortality throughout 2012. Even new media has even helped propel Tompkins into the iPhone era: a kitschy title from the blog-only days of Epicly Later’d was transformed into a useful hashtag on the most popular social media platform among the T.F. faithful. Is there a #flushingreport, #midtownreport or #lenoxreport? You know the answer. Koston even Instagrammed from the T.F. this year, though he forgot to add #tfreport to his post.

At a time when 12th and A is fraught with internal problems and consistent closures, we have grown attached to the steadiness of the the T.F., which for the eleventh year in a row, is the most popular street spot in New York City. Join us as we look back at the obstacles that have graced Tompkins throughout 2012.

Lower Manhattan: Now With Even Less Stuff to Skate!

September 26th, 2012 | 10:02 am | Spot Updates | 16 Comments

Just when the curb up top was starting to get waxed…

The Chase two-up-five-down is a wrap. Ain’t no economic downturn if banks can toss perfectly good marble into a dumpster for a mere facelift. Give us an empty lot and a dumpster full of white marble that’s bound to end up in a landfill, and we’ll make a better “skatepark” than anything currently in New York.

Chase was the last spot in lower Manhattan that had remained a downtown mission mainstay and unmodified since the nineties (and even that might not be entirely true, since the up-ledge Peter Bici 5050s in Mixtape that ran parallel to the handicap ramp just before the steps began got switched up over ten years ago.) It was also one of the few things downtown that had nothing wrong with it, unless you count that flagpole right after the five. Maybe they’ll resurface it and keep the same set-up. Maybe they’ll build a gigantic Philly step with a metal edge and then knob it.

Suski was the only person to ollie the double-set, right? And Zered and Kyle Iles were the only two to get manual tricks across the entire thing? Also, Wenning probably had the best line here…quick set-up + capri tech drawstring pants + no push = win.

Bum Rush the B.Q.E. Spot

September 20th, 2012 | 12:20 pm | Spot Updates | 3 Comments

The “Bum Rush the Spot” event that was originally scheduled for this Saturday, is going down tomorrow (Friday, the 21st) from 4 to 6 P.M. The Polar / KCDC / Converse / B.Q.E. / etc. crew behind it has gone through great lengths to elevate the B.Q.E. / Lorimer Lot from its status as a dusty, dirty refuge for local brown pants skaters into something more akin to the D.I.Y. scene in Polar’s native of Malmo, Sweden. Some photos of what they’ve been building have surfaced on Instagram, but naturally, the process included a few hang-ups. Everything looks like it’s a go for tomorrow, though. Sweden seems like it is more rational about constructive uses of neglected space than New York (or anywhere in America, for that matter), so let’s hope that these new obstacles last.

Stop by tomorrow if you’re not going to be the token idiot who waits in line for an $800 piece of glass. Take the L to Lorimer, skate one block north, make a right, and skate east under the B.Q.E. There’s an after party / art show at the new KCDC location (85 N. Third Street) afterwards. Full flyer here.