First* Post of 2017

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Z. Photo by Joe Brook.

Technically it’s the *second* post of the year after the online DANY video premiere (YouTube link here btw), but let’s not screw tradition up yaknow :)

As always, let’s get anything pertinent to the last year out of the way: 1) Tiago, Hjalte and Jerry Hsu round out the top three of Boil the Ocean’s ten best of 2016 countdown. 2) Better Skate Than Never is always good for a round-up of largely independent web clips that stood out. Their top 30 of 2016 is a nice reminder to rewatch Hjalte’s Jonas Skrøder part. 3) Ripped Laces runs down the best skate shoes of last year.

Village Psychic put together a sick new remix video of Mark Humienik, avid practitioner of the backside shove-it out, and one of the few remaining devotees to the early-2000s Staten Island ledge relic known as the ABC Ledges #wenning #durante #charlesives

Conor, Jesse and Loose Trucks Max all heavy in Genesis Evans’ new iPhone clip.

36 Stair Ollie” is the new ~moody~ clip from the Marbio Worldwide crew out in L.I.

The Bunt is really coming through with the heavy-hitters this year. Episode two of the new season is with new Anti-Hero rider, Brian Anderson, who has apparently been skating Anti-Hero boards with stickers over the graphic since the Yeah Right! days.

Brunch is a fun new full-length out of Montreal (pretty sure…) with a good bit of New York footage. A lot of familiar faces and an E.T. cameo :)

Diamond Days, now ten away from a hundred.

Hardies threw an unannounced best trick contest at the L.E.S. Park a few weeks ago.

Joe Cups has hard copies of Lurkers 3 up for preorder + some other merch.

Steve Mastorelli’s new video, The Meadowlands, is premiering at the SVA theater on 23rd Street between 8th and 9th at 9 P.M. on Saturday. You can find the flyer here.

ICYMI, there’s nothing to skate at Astor again. This headline has some nerve

One thing that moves lightyears quicker than the Thrasher homepage is the Live Mixtapes homepage. For that reason, has been a massive help in catching up on music that might’ve slipped through the cracks last year.

Uncle Murda’s “2016 Rap Up” is wwwaaayyy sketchier than last year’s.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: This Kris Dunn sequence is fucked, but also the Blazers are 30th in the league in defense (don’t worry, the Knicks are 23rd.)

Quote of the Week
Yaje: “In Europe, you can get beer anywhere, even at the vending machine.”
Jason Byoun: “Word. That’s like the Staten Island Ferry.”

Let Roy help you get through this next year…or four ;) ♥

Quartersnacks Top 10 — December 30, 2016

December 30th, 2016 | 12:02 am | Daily News | 2 Comments


Last one of the year boys ;) Had a good time putting these together for the past six months and thanks to everyone for all of the feedback. The past week has been pretty slow on traditional media outlets, so this edition is rather Instagram heavy. Also no idea why the Studio Skateboards video was only ripping without audio, but oh well.

Most important news of the past week is that the god Lucas is back on the board — unless of course someone comes through right now with a “that footage is old” quip, which is 50% likely. Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


10) Brayan Albarenga via Instagram [link] 9) Ruben Spelta via Instagram [link] 8) Brett Weinstein via Studio’s Elan Vital video [link] 7) Justin Henry via Quasi Skateboards’ Instagram [link] 6) Marcello Campanello via Vine [link] 5) Will Marshall via Instagram [link] 4) Manny Lopez via Spitfire Wheels clip [link] 3) Oski via “P-Stone’s Xmas Cookie: Oski” [link] 2) Lucas Puig via Instagram [link] 1) Wade Desarmo via Instagram [link]


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April in December

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No idea what you’re doing inside right now, but ANYWAY…

Wade Desarmo is an ambidextrous magician. Or wizard. Or something.

E.J. uploaded Shawn Powers’ DANY video part to his Vimeo page. You can still buy a hard copy of the video over on Public Housing Skate Team also released an eerie eight-minute Powers part yesterday.

The Bunt is back! Somehow figured this would take at least until 2017. The first episode of the third season is with varial flip master and Jersey legend, Tim O’Connor.

Happy 25th anniversary to the first-ever backside noseblunt sequence

Boil the Ocean began its countdown of 2016’s best video parts. You already know Daniel’s Spirit Quest part made the cut. Speaking of which…

The concept of a “skate blog” is close to non-existent in 2016. Solo interviewed Dan Watson, the mind behind YouWillSoon, a notorious skate industry gossip repository that made him a certain canteen manager’s arch nemesis from roughly 2004-2008. “But I think what most people really ignored about the blog is that I think skateboarding is fucking awesome. I think skateboarding is so good. I feel like people think that skateboarding in the Olympics or Street League or something can somehow ruin skateboarding or that it’ll somehow dilute the coolness of skateboarding down to the point where it’s not going to be cool anymore. But that’s not going to happen.”

This clip is heavy on the fancy angles and lifestyle footage, but new Leo Gutman footage is new Leo Gutman footage. Assuming every spot you don’t know in this clip is out on Staten Island prob.

Russian Bob put together a sick end of the year clip with a switch front crook on the rock “ledge” next to Labor, a bunch of chill Ron Deily lines, and Eli’s switch noseslide on Forsyth that we had to fire our titles guy over this past Friday.

Non-Instagram Ruben Spelta footage + Madrid marble is a good time.

Chill best of clip from Washington Heights’ Mira Conyo squad that features a cat trying to boss up on a pitbull and the year’s most heavily-skated bondo bank-to-ledge.

iPhone video from Joey Digital w/ a bunch of B.A. cruiser footage.

#TRENDWATCH2017 (?): Early 2000s backpack rap classics? Nick Lipere’s HYD part is now live. Also, shout out to Newport Mall and EST2.

Freddy and Quim made it to Maine and now I want a lobster roll.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Skateboarders really think of everything. Little kid tricks began to pervade trick selections back in ~2013, then gained legitimacy in pro circles, and now, marginal NBA players are taking underhanded free throws. DeAndre Jordan takes his first underhanded free throw when, April?

Quote of the Week:


On this last Monday Links post of the year, I’d just like to say thank you everyone for being along for the ride in 2016 and for all of your support. Besides a bit of an update slump at the start of summer, this has probably been the best year ever on this website for content, creativity and productivity (ok, fine, we blew it on the Christmas clip.) Hope to keep it going for many chill years to come.

Out of everything, I feel like the interviews really took a turn for the better this year, which was one of the main things causing the aforementioned slump. Revisit some faves if you missed them: Ben Chadourne, Dave Caddo, Sinner, Zered Bassett, Jamal Smith, Antosh Cimoszko, J. Scott Handsdown.

Also shout out to Zach Baker for writing the best thing that has been on QS in years.

Thanks again ♥

Quartersnacks Top 10 — December 23, 2016

December 23rd, 2016 | 11:22 am | Daily News | 1 Comment


The Gino Path :)

Second to last one of the year. A few anonymous inquiries have been made as to whether or not there would be a top 10 of the year, and unfortunately, with the series only beginning back in July, that would take too much back research into the first six months of the year :( Obvs going to have one for 2017 duh.

Also, pretty monumental that we have made it half a year though, and this is the first time we fully haven’t been able to identify a skater by name (it’s #5.) Anyone?

Edit 1: #5 is Erik J. Petersen, which I honestly kind of suspected, but was unsure because he was dressed a bit more g’d out than usual.
Edit 2: #9 is actually Eli Reed, not Ron Deily. Sorry boys.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


10) Adam Zhu via DANY [link] 9) Ron Deily Eli Reed via “Feeling Good” [link] 8) Mark Poole via Hotel Blue’s “Playground Casino” [link] 7) Trent McClung via “Welcome to Venture” part [link] 6) Grady Smith via LurkNYC’s “Mean Street Volume 7” [link] 5) Erik J. Petersen via “Sour Files Volume 19” [link] 4) Oskar Rosenberg via “Lil Guben” [link] 3) Carlos Mendoza via Hotel Blue’s “Playground Casino” [link] 2) Tyshawn Jones via adidas Skateboarding: Samba ADV [link] 1) Simon Isakkson via “Sour Files Volume 19” [link]


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Keep Biting — New Watermelonism

December 19th, 2016 | 3:18 pm | Daily News | No Comments


Alexander Mosley — the most worldly traveler of all QS affiliates — just released the forth installment of his Watermelonism series, entitled “Keep Biting.” Filmed throughout a winter stint in Colombia and a summer in New York (plus a few Puerto Rico tricks), and featuring Alex Figueroa, Alex himself, Olu Stanley and Phil Rodriguez, the former Q.S.S.O.T.Y. who had quite a bit of a 2016 comeback between this, a couple Iron Claw clips, and Bronze’s Plug video from this past spring.

Other reasons aside, we don’t even have a J-Kwon on this continent anymore, but South America does. All the more reason to bail on this tense, angry place for a nice Colombian winter, or year, or four ;)

New boards + tees available over on

Music by Alex and G.C. Colaianni, scratches by DJ Impereal, who has a fire vegan restaurant in Medellin.

Previously: Stripe Melon, Travel Melon, Sea Scenes