Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 9, 2016

September 9th, 2016 | 12:18 am | Daily News | 3 Comments


Got some mushroom induced switch heels this week, in addition to a tense interaction with a tenant of a spiked residence. Also, with less than a dozen QS Top 10s in existence, we already have a repeat of a #1 title holder. Hard to really take it away from him though :) Shout out to Long Island. Everyone have a good weekend. Preemptive congrats to Rob and Ruby ♥


10) Evan Smith via “Fred Gall & Friends in Copenhagen: Mushroom Diaries” [link] 9) Mark Poole via “Hotel Blue” [link] 8) Lenard Tejada via IG [link] 7) Nick Michel via “Losing Transworld Come Up Tour Part” [link] 6) Will Blakely via “Hotel Blue” [link] 5) Niilo Nikkanen via IG [link] 4) Jarne Verbruggen via “Never Skatebored” Part [link] 3) Bobby Worrest via “Core CPH” [link] 2) Andrew Verde via Dogway Part [link] 1) Antonio Durao via “Transworld AM Transmission 2016” [link]


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Back to School Special: The Rebirth of the Pace Ledge

September 8th, 2016 | 5:02 am | Daily News | 5 Comments


In the early 2000s, a trick on the Pace Ledge was a watershed moment for any child’s skate career. We’d pass it every weekend — dreaming of a noseslide if we were regular or a 5050 if we were goofy for the hammers section of whoever’s bad video filmed on a Canon GL1 with a Kenko fisheye. That is, until it was dismantled by bike pegs and rendered unskateable thanks to a six-inch-wide chunk at the ledge’s most opportune starting point. Little kid dreams were crushed (we even removed it from the spots page!), and by then, everyone was eyeing tricks into the Verizon Banks anyway, or just generally better at skating.

With the vapor of early-2000s nostalgia from February fashion week still running thick, today we are reminded of the magic that a bit of Bondo could do. After filling in the aforementioned cavity, the Pace Ledge is ripe for skateboard tricks for the first time since the George W. Bush administration. Now, this brings about the age old question for nitpicky filmer types: has the ABD scroll been erased after a dormant decade?

With short term memory growing shorter thanks to G-Pens, do we accept Challex’s or the Vickie Report’s tailslide as existing in a world where J-John the Don didn’t already do it switch and German? Do we disregard Todd Jordan’s back tail that went down during the much-maligned Mixtape 2 era? (Can’t find the photo but it’s ~out there~) Will an early-2000s nostalgist perform a noseslide bigspin on the ledge this #nyfw, disregarding Brian Brown’s contribution to the ledge’s storied history?

Actually none of this probably matters because Antonio switch frontside 5050ed a ledge that is nine times higher than the Pace Ledge like five blocks away ;)

~Positivity is Sexy~

September 6th, 2016 | 11:14 am | Daily News | 4 Comments


Free beer to whoever disses it with a Tas Pappas tag. Photo via The Shady One

“One thing I realized once I started being in the world of Instagram was that people don’t let go of things. If something has emotionally affected somebody in some powerful way sometime in their life, that doesn’t fade. If anything, social media kind of fans the flame of that and almost reestablishes that emotional connection.” With so much discussion of social media and its pros/cons in any skate interview these days, it’s nice to hear that it actually does have a way of bringing about some greater good from one of the happiest people to ever ride a skateboard, Ray Barbee.

“With a skater like Jamal Williams, Ricky Oyola or even Pat Steiner, people aren’t pulling out the yardstick to measure how high they’re ollieing. It’s more the feelings people get by watching that person on a skateboard.” Also with a good bit of social media talk + skaters having an impact on people’s lives, Get Born Mag has a detailed interview with Josh Stewart. ~feelings~

Hotel Blue is the new board company from the LurkNYC camp, and Nick just dropped a nine-minute promo featuring the entire team over the weekend. Back smith backside flip on the Leonard Street ledge was wild.

Bobshirt has a 25-minute interview with Bill Strobeck detailing pretty much every last anecdote about the prime era of Alien Workshop + Habitat. Includes a special guest appearance from a former orange-beanied colleague halfway in ;)

Huf gave Jenkem a tour of some of the places he grew up skating in Manhattan.

Boil the Ocean on Anti-Hero’s persistence in an increasingly tense landscape of board brand longevity, and a potential Daan Van Der Linden S.O.T.Y. run.

Some warm-ups from Yaje Popson and friends at the L.E.S. Park.

Village Psychic has a content monopoly on anything having to do with the little guys keeping the romance in printed skate media alive. An interview with the minds behind Germany’s Solo mag.

Mushrooms to switch flip into a bowl + other debauchery from CPH Open.

Part two of The Bunt’s interview with Spencer Hamilton is now live.

Well, this is the first instance of someone skating in Polo shoes I can remember, which re-opens the hypothetical discussion of what the Ralph skate team would look like…

Quote of the Week: “Positivity is sexy. Creativity is even sexier.” — Andrew Wilson

Thank you for everything Gene Wilder.

Bobby & Friends – The Last* Copenhagen Clip You’ll Ever See on the Quartersnacks Homepage

September 2nd, 2016 | 4:08 pm | Daily News | 3 Comments

andrewbssmith jarmers

Photo by Zach Malfa-Kowalski

Did we singlehandedly ruin Copenhagen? No, probably not. Did we contribute to turning it into Tulum for boys, to the point where everyone goes there for “vacation” and sees the same people from the side of the ocean that they just left? Not no.

Just as Kramer blew up the big “secret” of swimming in the East River through enthusiastic word of mouth, there’s only so many times a cosmopolitan, fashion-forward skateboard blog site could write about the virtues of the world’s greatest place (full disclaimer: I’m a Paris guy), and not have at least a few earthlings leave their computer screens and hop on a flight.

It was an obsession that began with the Ragers Inc. clip, filmed during the world’s greatest skateboarder’s tenure in the world’s greatest place, circa 2011. Since then, it has become the epicenter of the world’s most absurd spots, and “home to skateboarding’s SXSW.” A few dozen Copenhagen trips between the two, and Danish-set skateboarding content on QS has hit critical mass. Maybe we’ll check out Bucharest?

The last* Copenhagen clip you’ll ever see on the Quartersnacks homepage features Bobby Worrest, Hjalte Halberg, Andrew Wilson, Hugo Boserup, Max Palmer, Cyrus Bennett, Alex Olson, Oskar Rosenburg-Hallberg, Ishod Wair, Ryan Bobier, Ville Wester. Never again!

Filmed and edited by Johnny Wilson for Nike SB.

*Jk, see you next June :) xoxo

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Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 2, 2016

September 2nd, 2016 | 3:36 am | Daily News | 3 Comments

qs top 10 sep 2

It makes perfect sense that even in a week with an Anti Hero #summertriptonewyork clip, a montage from one of the finest Frenchmen working today, and documentation of the most creative utilization of someone CBing you on the final Lenox ledge — that a Brazilian who has already been written in for #SOTY 2016-2048 will have the #1 off Instagram footage alone. Not sure if that’s a sentence, but have a good one.


10) EJ’s Grandma via the DANY extras [link] 9) Nizam Kasper via @herzmann_photo [] 8) Carlos Ribiero via IG [link] 7) Aaron Herrington via IG [link] 6) Sage Elsesser via “Oh Yes Part 2” [link] 5) Kevin Rodrigues via “Oh Yes Part 2” [link] 4) Chris Pfanner via Anti-Hero’s “Vickie Report” video [link] 3) Greg Cuadrado via “Oh Yes Part 2” [link] 2) Yaje Popson via DANY [link] 1) Tiago Lemos via IG [link]


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