#TRENDWATCH2017 — Angst

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People across the globe are fucking pissed. Racists just “want their country back,” Le Pen is saying the shit that even Tr*mp won’t say, everyone’s Googling what “xenophobia” means, and everything is basically the person who doesn’t look like you’s fault. A website that specializes in okay skateboard tricks edited to “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” isn’t the place to get into it — but we’re in for a rough couple of years.

Skateboarders, in some bizzaro-world way, are feeling the same prickles of globalization that are being resisted by right-wing forces across the world. The Bible™ tells us that it likes skateboarding being kept a crime, even if Jon Dickson already kickflipped into it blah blah (can we go a FRICKIN’ DARN WEEK without a Top 10 controversy?!) Nine months ago, our percieved-to-be-illict activity was accepted into The Olympics. We’re being asked to Pay-Per-View contestsus — a group second to perhaps only graffiti writers in our aversion of paying for things. Fast fashion brands are taking one of our most sacred years and marking it down 20%.

Even icons of skateboarding’s delinquent past are constructively channeling their emotions, with Jim Greco getting all Cassavettes on us and Bam regretful that he didn’t focus more on skateboarding.

Are we destined to wear mandatory standard-issue dad caps, and be placed in sterile, Olympic-endorsed skateparks where we argue over who is more sorry should we accidentally snake one of our peers?

No, because angst is back, baby. Back in a big way.

As the tide of Monster Energy rushes to baptize us into an NBC-friendly presentation, the Olympic Committee must reconcile the fact that skateboarders are the ones reminding security guards that their jobs suck, and if they disagree, occasionally bodyslamming them. Skateboarders have no respect for foliage. They’re cutting wire fences to break into Six Flags. They’re bringing a trash can back to the bump after you drag it away, and then bringing a third and fourth one after you drag those away. We’re all — to varying degrees — an irrefutable pain in the ass for everyone else, and the reminders are running rampant in 2017.

Skateboarding’s Godfather of Angst would be proud. Respect.

Nor’easter Links

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huf reese

Late start today innit. All remaining QS hats in the webstore are $15 btw ♥

When I don’t skate I get stoked when I skate.” Same.

The Parks Department sessions Central Park for All City Showdown. Comedy aside, there’s something admirable about filming an entire montage in a place well known for having next to nothing to skate. There are those three sets of three on a hill at the south entrance of the reservoir that would actually look great on film though…

Muckmouth’s rant on ETN — essentially Pay-Per-View for skating — is one of the funnier pieces of skateboard writing in recent memory, but the most quotable lines are a bit too risqué for the #SFW environment of a Monday QS post :)

The Tennyson Corp just keeps reelin’ in the hits. The latest is a mix of J.B. and Caesar Singh’s 411 footage. Is the fact that J.B. is European the only reason why he’s often forgotten on First Team Prodigious Nineties Street Skaters lists? Yes? Though so.

Kalis is one of the rare pros whose interviews always feel different and new, even though he’s covered the same tried and true subjects before. He’s got two out this week, both on the occasion of his first trip to London…one with Kingpin about a vindictive $117,000 tax bill from the city of Philadelphia, and another with Slam City Skates with some good bits about the homogenization of 360 flips.

Chima was a bit more unhinged than a lot of guests on the season finale of The Bunt. Requests for next season: Kalis (duh), Zered, Forrest, Jake, Smolik, Muska.

Politic put Danny Renaud’s part from Division, their most recent video, up online. You can find Caddo’s part here, in case you missed it ;)

Russian Bob uploaded nine minutes of raw Gavin Nolan footage.

Might be a tough sell to some of our curmudgeonous colleugues, but Ripped Laces is contending that Reebok is skateboarding’s favorite “unofficial” skate shoe.

Even if it’s basically a lookbook, Leo footage is Leo footage.

l train coming from city

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Kristaps’ block in a game that resulted in the first Nets home win in sixteen games. Yeah, I just had this one on in the background last night. No, I didn’t watch it for more than 15 seconds at a time.

Quote of the Week: “Toughen up dude, have a piña colada.” — David Dowd

That Parks Department clip reminded me of the time Ja$onwear noseslid the entire 10-flat-10-flat-10 “hubba” at the 6th Avenue entrance of Central Park, so here’s the 2003 masterpiece as a digitally remastered 2017 Criterion Collection GIF.


Quartersnacks Top 10 — March 10, 2017

March 10th, 2017 | 10:40 am | Daily News | 11 Comments

qs top 10 march 10

Last week’s installment of the QS Top 10 turned out to be #highly #controversial. We were denounced for turning “too mainstream” and rebranded as “The Berriqs” after ending the countdown with a Sean Malto, Shane O’Neill & Torey Pudwill trifecta. It is important to realize that the content of a given week’s Top 10 is wholly dependent on the universe it derives from. Perhaps your hometown heroes and cult legends took the week off to plan their outfits for spring Instagram season, whereas Torey Pudwill could just throw on a Redbull beanie and back smith up a handicap rail.

Those who deemed the previous Top 10 as #problematic will be delighted to learn that the past week’s finest achievements in skateboarding have fallen back into a lower tax bracket. Whether or not it remains there is not for us to decide — in the holy words of a Barbadian princess, “ain’t none of this shit promised.”

Ain’t none of us perfect, I hope it was worth it ;)

Original Clips:


10) Marquise Henry via “Sankhara” [link] 9) Eric Dasaro via Lost & Found [link] 8) Charles Giron via “Giddy #02” [link] 7) Mike Arnold via “Atlantic Drift 2” [link] 6) Ville Wester via “HD Ville & Friends” [link] 5) Kristian Krasimorov via Instagram [link] 4) Raven Tershy via Instagram [link] 3) Sean Greene via Instagram [link] 2) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift 2” [link] 1) Dakota Hunt via Instagram [link]


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Louie This Louie That

March 6th, 2017 | 11:58 am | Daily News | 3 Comments


Congrats to Lou! ♥

An Instagram account partially focused on Gino skating flat in the F.A. warehouse.

Fresh Beer – Cold Beer” was of the finest straight-to-Vimeo exercises in ledge skating ever, and deserves some acknowledgement from the Czech Department of Tourism. The eight minutes of raw files from that trip are lovely.

Good vibes are contagious. Hearing Karl Watson reminisce for a half-hour is a nice way to set you on the path of having a wonderful day. Also, Karl is tied with The Muska for the skater who was most fun to interview for this website.

The boys in Buenos Aires did a chill wear test vid of the QS Bruin Hyperfeel.

Russian Bob uploaded four minutes of raw footage from Ron Deily, nu-era New Jersey legend and leading practitioner of lo-def noseslide tech.

Enjoyed this interview with the O.G. 2000 / Mariah video dudes about skateboarding in Switzerland, a European destination that tends to escape the global spotlight, despite being the world’s eminent destination for skateboarding on six-figure cars.

Everyone loves a good one-spot part or montage, but there’s something especially admirable about a one-spot montage of a place that instills zero desire of wanting to skate said spot due to how difficult it looks.

“If Marc Johnson hadn’t waited until 2016 to move to Adidas, could his Fully Flared part have been 26 minutes long? Backed by corporate shoe money, could The End have offered more realistic pyrotechnics? If DGK had clung to the Reebok deal, could Parental Advisory have offered a Jay-Z cameo instead of Beanie Siegel?”

You have probably already watched this new old Bill Strobeck video.

Eli Reed Harvey Keitel from Taxi Driver recreates an old Harold Hunter photo for Monster Children‘s “Back to the Feature” series. Amazing that the bump in Southbridge Towers is one of the few remaining landmarks of downtown skateboarding in the previous millenium.

The Bunt’s latest interview is with AWS alumnus, Gilbert Crockett.


Ari Marcopoulos — whose Out & About photos have become shorthand for the words “ninties New York skateboarding” — has a new ‘zine project coming out with Adidas.

Even he seems like he hates vegan food.” Top Ramen with Matt Perez coming soon.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Knicks games are a tough watch these days, but at least Brandon Jennings got waived so you get to see more of the second best player on the team, Ron Baker.

Quote of the Week: “I realized that you could do that job hungover, but it’s just better if you don’t.” — Dallas Todd

Quartersnacks Top 10 — March 3, 2017

March 3rd, 2017 | 12:13 am | Daily News | 3 Comments

qs top 10 mar 3

Yo it’s March and the weather can’t make its mind up. Pretty sure none of us are skating this weekend though :/

A lot of heavy hitters this week, with maybe the heaviest amount of Name Brand Pros™ to ever make it into a QS Top 10. Even though this is obviously going to come off like some full nitpicky hater shit, that all-flatbar Torey Pudwill part would’ve been way for fun if they filmed it on an iPhone and edited it to rap. Crazy it has taken a full eight years for someone to hit the full handicap rail on 8th Street and 5th Avenue since Jake did in Mindfield though. (Crook bonks in S.T.T.N.Y. clips don’t count.)

Original Clips:


10) Alex Raeymaekers via “POP Clip #27” [link] 9) Kristian Krasimirov via Instagram [link] 8) Ishod Wair via Instagram [link] 7) Guy Mariano via “Elite Squad” [link] 6) Fran Molina via “Bienvenido” [link] 5) Austyn Gillette via “~untitled~” [link] 4) Tiago Lemos via Instagram [link] 3) Sean Malto via “Elite Squad” [link] 2) Shane O’Neill via Twitter [link] 1) Torey Pudwill via “Flatbar Frenzy” [link]


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