The First Teaser For Supreme’s “BLESSED” Video Is Now Live

This is probably the first-ever single post on here dedicated to a minute-long teaser with one skate trick in it, but if analytics are any guide, “BLESSED” is the most searched-for skate video Google referral we have gotten on here maybe ever. The teaser features all the familiar faces you’d expect + Rowan Zorilla and some French additions that weren’t in “cherry” since they had yet to make a Parisian expansion back in 2014. Seems like it’s all feel good vibes now that everyone grew out of the teen angst from four years ago ;) Only grievance is there wasn’t a Who Kid cameo.

Video due out via everyone’s least-favorite cryptic release date: “soon.”

Quartersnacks Top 10 — October 12, 2018

***Yes, this got made before the Corey Glick wallride 270 heard around the world came out.

Pretty much lines of all varieties this week — save a kinky crooked grind and a not-neccesarily-QS-vibe #1 that is nevertheless impossible to deny. And don’t let the west coast skateboard industry complex fool you into believing that the actual heart and home of skateboarding didn’t move to Montreal years ago. Let’s skance.

Our webstore relaunches this Monday, October 15 at midnight A.K.A. technically Sunday night with new QS goods. We have a preview of this fall’s product here. Arriving at shops globally now. Available locally from Supreme Lafayette + Brooklyn, Labor, NJ Skateshop (which just moved to Jersey City), and Dover Street Market.

Original Clips:


Intro via Alexis Lacroix on IG [link] 10) Pat Hoblin via “Paths” part [link] 9) Justin Henry via IG [link] 8) Heitor Da Silva via Adidas’ “Presenting /// Oh Là Là Paname” video [link] 7) Shin Sanbongi via IG [link] 6) Günes Özdogan via Adidas’ “Presenting /// Oh Là Là Paname” video [link] 5) Victor Campillo via “BMG” part [link] 4) Tyshawn Jones via “Jam” [link] 3) Lucas Puig via Adidas’ “Presenting /// Oh Là Là Paname” video [link] 2) Antonio Durao via IG [link] 1) Dakota Servold via “Souvenier” part [link]


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Run That Back Turbo

Listen up, fuckers: Voter registration periods in most states end this week. In New York, the voter registration deadline is Friday, and lucky for you, New York offers online registration. (New Jersey’s deadline is October 16, but you’ll need to mail in your registration.) Just under 50% of eligible 18-29 year-olds voted in 2016, whereas nearly 75% of 65+ year-olds did. Literal senior citizens are steering the course of your future. And that whole “my vote doesn’t matter!” / “it’s all corrupt!” / “both candidates suck!” shit is exactly the sort of cowardly laziness that anybody working against your self interests is dependent on. So, if you are eligible A) take the time out of the day you’d otherwise waste filming shitty skate tricks and register if you are not already, and B) if you do not vote on November 6, I hope to every possible higher power there is that you roll the fuck out of your ankle first thing in the morning on November 7 — like I hope it’s an excruciating cantaloupe size roll that takes five hellish months to heal where you don’t get laid once, and I hope that on your first day back skating after those frustrating five months, you roll the life out of the other ankle and it takes even longer to heal.


Psssst…shops have began getting fall QS merch in. Arriving in Europe & Japan this week. Check our stockists page to see which shops will have it in both in the States and globally. Our webstore will relaunch on Monday, October 15 at midnight E.S.T. (basically still Sunday night) with all of the new items.

The Canal video, Mode, is now online in full. Really fun video pretty much entirely filmed in New York, with the highest volume of midtown clips of any local vid in recent memory (always nostalgic for that.) It’s always heartwarming to see crews who grew up together keep skating and making full-lengths into adulthood ♥

Tied with midtown footage, our favorite sub-genre of New York skateboarding is watching Tyshawn skate over trashcans. Plenty of that and more in Thrasher’s recap video from the Hardies Can Jam at Blue Park last week.

Pat Hoblin has a rad new part over on TWS. The curvy boardslide over at the old Red Benches + the ender at Seward Park are both wild.

“Anything that combats the idea that skateboarding should be relegated to the skatepark is cool, and to me a worthwhile cause.” Alexis Sablone, who has a masters degree in architecture, created a sick-looking skateable sculpture park in downtown New York (just kidding, you know that shit is obviously in Malmö), and told Medium mag the story.

Antonio got sick of your switch tre jokes and decided to do some switch heels.

Theories posted a new episode of Elkin’s raw files, and Tombo uploaded another “Raw Deals” video from a 2009 trip to Peru and Colombia, which features a good batch of gold Brian Brown footage.

This is what the skatepark in Red Hook is supposed to look like. Aannddd it looks… cramped. To nobody’s surprise, the “Straight Fucking Ledges” crowd will be disappointed.

Russia’s Absurd Skateboards leads the skate world in companies whose trip destinations I most frequently have to search on Google Maps. Their latest one was to the Sea of Azov.

Here’s an eight-minute Jake Johnson mega mix of like, all his footage.

Lee Smith interviewed R.B. Umali for a new podcast he started.

Just after talking shit about those Citi Field benches on here last week, the city found a body wrapped in chains in the adjacent water on Wednesday. Told you that place has a weird energy…

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Basketball is back! Honestly started laughing upon remembering Lance Stephenson and Lebron are on the same team now. Lance Stephenson Finals MVP book it!!!

Quote of the Week: “Damn, Frank Gerwer looks like me in ’06.” — Emilio Cuilan

Quartersnacks Top 10 — October 5, 2018

Big week from the always-persistent smith grind kickflip (see also) — the semi-agreeable trick that keeps going, and going, and going. Long-gone are the days when it was a point of contention, as it is as common as a kickflip back tail these days. Preemptive apologies to the “eww, skatepark clips?!” crowd this week, but that #2 coulda/shoulda/maybe been #1.

Oh, and Kevin Taylor is the Vince Carter of skateboarding. Not sure if they’re doing Epicly Later’d anymore, but a K.T. one would be fire.

Original Clips:


Intro via @bronze56k on Instagram 10) Kevin Taylor via “Scumco & Sons S.F. Edit” [link] 9) Thierry Gormit via “Titi” [link] 8) Philly Santosuosso via “Scumco & Sons S.F. Edit” [link] 7) Marcello Campanello via Canal New York’s Mode video [link] 6) Drake Johnson via Venture x FTC’s “For the City” video [link] 5) Kyle Nicholson via “Scumco & Sons S.F. Edit” [link] 4) Ryan Townley via IG [link] 3) Franky Villani via “Always On My Mind” part [link] 2) Cory Juneau via IG [link] 1) Grant Taylor via “Bruised Peach” part [link]


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Fall Biz

A grainy Jeff Pang via That’s A Crazy One

Seems like the skateboard world has still collectively been regrouping since Glory Challenge Weekend? Or everyone just went out to Paris for fashion week? Because it’s been slow as shit out there for any #interesting #skate #content.

If we were exiled from New York, we’d probably have the easiest time relocating to Paris (similar distractions/fashionability/volume of “Summer Trip To” clips), so just to practice: 1) Thierry Gormit has a sick new part over on Free with a Lucas @ Republique cameo. Who is gonna be the first one to do a trick into the East River though? 2) Swedish slappy poets, Poetic Collective, make the obligatory “Summer Trip to Paris” edit. 3) Skate Jawn has a Remy Tav interview. Big year for footage at the Louvre. 4) Le Dome is a go again. Shout to Rick Owens for the tip.

Looks like Tony Hawk is an avid QS #TRENDWATCH reader.

This half New York / half Tampa Sam Bellipanni part has some cool Columbus Park tricks, and lines at the Banks are always nice to see.

This Ricta commercial filmed around New York never misses a chance to remind you that you’re watching a wheel company commercial. Also, only one of those spots could be considered “crusty.” *Queue up this classic 12th & A quote*

“Skaters in Cars Looking At Spots” is just called “Skaters in Cars” now. The new one is with Louie Lopez. We should steal this concept but have it focus exclusively on claimers. “Didn’t you say you were going to nollie back heel those steps but can’t do those on flat?”

A 19-year-old who just happens to be the best native skateboarder from New York City opened his own Caribbean-American restaurant in The Bronx. Congrats, T.J!

Need more Glory Challenge content? Probably not, but Village Psychic interviewed everyone waiting outside two weeks ago about who they thought would win the World Championship Game of S.K.A.T.E.

Team Nightwork” via Kyota’s iPhone.

Basketball player and wallie noseblunt extraordinaire, Justin Henry, is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Jeff Ihaza re: Lil’ Wayne being hip-hop’s best skater, though I think Rich the Kid would wash him in S-K-A-T-E.

Quote of the Week
Gentleman Who Was Almost Maced By Montreal Police: “There was just a riot outside the bar.”
Charles Rivard: “Yeah, the city just does that to promote drinking.”

Kinda like this loosie from the winter and “Back From The 80s” more than anything on The Carter V.