At Least Migos Have the #1 Album in the Country…

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Photo by Emilio Cuilan

This guy nollie flipped Black Hubba, and then followed it up with the highest white rapper ever done in skateboard history. But also he nollie flipped Black Hubba.

Speaking of nollies, The Bunt’s latest episode is with nollie legend and Antwuan Dixon’s favorite skateboarder, Gailea Momolu. Monster Children also interviewed Cephas and Donovan about their ascent to the top of skating’s current pod boom.

“What did you buy with your first check?” “Nothing. Them shits is in the bank.” Monster Children also has an interview with smart kid Tyshawn Jones.

Jack Greer’s film, Circles in Tompkins Square is now available on Vimeo On Demand.

“If you land it this try, I’ll go vegan for the rest of the trip.” Vinny Ponte interviews Zered Bassett about the old days for twenty minutes.

Three-minute reminder of how poetic Javier Sarmiento looks on a skateboard.

Labor’s All City Showdown installment is now live over on Thrasher, with stock music straight out of the EST archives. The Frog/Max Palmer section is gold, Jerry. Gold.

Skaters from Atlanta really like that manny pad to rock at 20th & C.

Adam Louis put together a montage of Johnny’s outtakes featuring all the 917 dudes. The world needs another Genny part and can we get Kohlton skating again?

Someone compiled a bunch of Bill Strobeck’s IG videos into one convenient clip.

Pretty much everyone in our age group and under looked up to Rodney Torres growing up. First New Yorker to flip into a handrail (pretty sure…), first to hit the Hooters Rail (R.I.P.), etc. “The King of Queens” is a quick video portrait by Carlos Felipe. Chrome Ball’s Rodney post has also been an all-time fave.

Theories of Atlantis, champion of all things independent and #small in skateboarding, put together a year-end list of 2016’s best videos, a month late ;)

“However, the recently proffered notion that Chad Muska’s ‘illusion’ frontside flips looked good, wrongheaded as it is, speaks to a similar, latent yearning for diversity in trick form that seems to have been squeezed out in the online video age.” If no complies, beanplants, pressure flips and noseslide shoves can come back, there’s little reason to believe the mob or illusion flip won’t become a fashionable alternative to the tricks’ homogenized norms/forms by April of this year.

An interesting read on just how Brexit impacts the skate industry in the U.K.

Paul Young uploaded four minutes of raw footage from a 2015 S.F. trip with Josh Wilson, Brendan Carroll, Adrian Vega, Tierney, Duster, Dick Rizzo and Nick Ferro.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: DEEEE JAAAYYY KHALLLLEEDDD!!!!

Quote of the Week: “I have too many totes.” — Keith Denley

Here’s to happier times in Atlanta ♥

Quartersnacks Top 10 — February 3, 2017

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top 10 feb 3

Really big week for 360 flips. Apart from the one above and the #1 spot (spoiler…), there was another Justin Brock one in that Brockel part that could have just as easily made it in. Otherwise, a popping week in the skateboard footage universe, with the Euros coming particularly heavy this time around. Have a good weekend.

Original Clips:


10) Brian Wenning via Instagram [link] 9) Nik Stain via “Puerto Rico” [link] 8) Kenny Anderson via Instagram [link] 7) “Lil’ Team” via “All City Showdown 2016: Labor” [link] 6) Chris Milic via “Frog HD (my g)” [link] 5) Quel Haddox via Instagram [link] 4) Willem van Dijk via “POP Recycled 2016” [link] 3) Robbie Brockel via “Surveillance” Part [link] 2) Jair Gravenberch via “POP Recycled 2016” [link] 1) Magnus Bordewick via Instagram [link]


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Chris Milic & Jesse Alba for Frog Skateboards

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A lot has changed in the seven years since eventual misspelled Zero pro Forrest Edwards’s proclamations of the guys being “kind of weird” gripped the nation. Among those purported “weirds,” was one, Chris “Mango” Milic, who would go on to become the creative director of skateboarding’s eminent MS Paint-inspired skateboard empire.

Frog dropped a promo to coincide with a new range of Paint-tinged garms and boards. Features Chris lamenting his childhood dreams of being a pro dirt biker, Jesse footage from the Bowl Cut Era™, and a cameo from a prominent Humble Dane in Paris.

Related: Chris Milic in Dr. Scarecrow (2016)

You Were Probably Watching Garfield

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Watched Sorry last night. Photo via Vintage Sponsor.

You don’t need to go out drinking on a Monday, so please donate to the ACLU.

The longest I’ve stared at a .gif of a skate trick maybe ever, but I get it now.

“It is best to always assume the potential to be cursed is near at hand to maintain ultimate protection.” Boil the Ocean on curses and hexes, and how skateboarding interacts with the supernatural.

“Truth be told, the part in The Fab Five when Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and them talk about how much they hate Duke is the sports doc equivalent of the triple-screen intro from Virtual Reality.” Frozen in Carbonite reviews The L.A. Boys, Colin Kennedy’s documentary about the creation of Gabriel Rodriguez, Rudy Johnson, Guy Mariano, and Paulo Diaz’s part from Ban This.

Max Palmer presents: “2Twisted,” the surprise sequel to last year’s “Twisted Illusions.”

Quick montage from Harry Bergenfield and the boys from the fall’s Drama video.

“POP Recycled” is an early frontrunner for best Euro clip of 2k17 even though all the footage is from 2k16. You know damn well that little kid’s lines down all the threes are gonna be in this week’s Top 10.

Jesse Alba, Nik Stain, Andrew Wilson, and the Polar team in Puerto Rico.

Kinda feel like the Kalis + Balbac interviews flew under the radar a bit because they were on Ride, but each installment has been great. The third and final one deals with a purported Smolik beef over Hubba Hideout claimers, not holding grudges, and a follow up on all the family + therapy stuff from Kalis’ Epicly Later’d.

Village Psychic has an interesting piece on the convergence of skate-friendly architecture, public space in former Soviet countries, and our current political climate.

Are times tough? Did you get kicked off the flow team? Did your friend with a rep job get fired? A wear test of a $16 sneaker purchased from a deli in Philadelphia.

Even before So Far Gone dropped and Herschel ate Jansport, Canada always had a hidden hand in shaping American culture. As skate scholars know, one of the most influential-yet-underappreciated thinktanks of 2000s skateboarding was Green Apple out in Winnipeg. The Bunt’s latest is with Mike McDermott, who brings us up to speed on Winnipeg’s best-known institution as it stands in the Trudeau era.

Devoted is an upcoming doc on the labor of love that is print media in 2017.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Porzingis over Dwight, sure.

Quote of the Week: “I know people who know Sarah McLachlan.” — Dustin Henry

Damn, remember the mash-up era? ;)

(Yes, they knew to leave that other verse off.)

Quartersnacks Top 10 — January 27, 2017

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qs top ten jan 27

Slow news week this time around, mainly because we’ve been walking around staring at the best skate spots in the world as they’re covered in water for the past week-and-a-half. Never fear though, we have one of the better things to go live on this website prepped for mid-next week. Hint: It involves one of the guys in this week’s Top 10 ;)

A lot of O.Gs this time around, plus the first appearance of a brand-name handrail spot at the #1 slot — you know we love subversive line choreography around here, and who would’ve ever thought that spot would be the site of subversive line choreography, yaknow? Have a good one, sorry about the lag this past week ♥

Original Clips:


10) Daan Van Der Linden via Instagram [link] 9) Nile Gibbs via Aggressors [link] 8) Ray Barbee via “Adroit in Detroit” [link] 7) Brian Anderson via “NY Summer” [link] 6) Jordan Trahan via New Balance Numeric’s “Rooks of Hazard” video [link] 5) Zered Bassett via “Adroit in Detroit” [link] 4) Javier Sarmiento via Instagram [link] 3) Gustav Tonneson via The Cinematographer Project: World View Raw Files [link] 2) Lacey Baker via “My World” [link] 1) DaShawn Jordan via “Radar” [link]


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