Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 17, 2017

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Slow week in the QS office, weird week in skateboarding, and a couple of nice backside flips. Have a good weekend ♥ We’ll be back with cooler stuff next week xoxo.

Original Clips:


Intro via @theworldofskateboarding on IG [link] 10) Hugo Bosserup via “Mwadlands” [link] 9) Ryuhei Kitazume via Tabi [link] 8) Korahn Gayle via Grey part [link] 7) Taylor Smith via Shep Dawgs [link] 6) Jereme Knibbs via Santa Cruz’s “AM Video” [link] 5) Marek Kocak via IG [link] 4) Tommy Flynn via “Push” Part [link] 3) Jackson Pilz via “PAnda Patrol” [link] 2) Jacopo Carozzi via IG [link] 1) Sean Greene via IG [link]


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Monday Slog

November 13th, 2017 | 3:15 pm | Daily News | 1 Comment

Late one today. Photo via @lottiesskateshop.

Eternal Youth in Tompkins Square” is a New York Times style section feature documenting many of the new(ish) faces around T.F. these past couple years, shot by our friend Danny Weiss, with words from Ted Barrow, the skater who Jason Byoun would show his mom if she asked what skateboarding was.

The Times also did this feature on hill bombing in S.F. with GX1000 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“I didn’t want to go to school or work at some grocery store, wherever you work when you’re 16. Fuck it, I’ll go to Russia!” (Umm…) The Chrome Ball Incident got ahold of the otherwise interview-evasive Anthony Van Englen.

“This spot is long gone. We called them ‘Chelsea Banks’ because they were on the West Side Highway in Chelsea, directly across the highway from, what is today, the Chelsea Piers Skatepark. Today this spot is a little green triangular park, but back then it was a shit show.” TWS interviewed original Zoo York co-founder, Eli Gesner, and original Shut rider, Jeremy Henderson, about filming Mark Gonzales during the first time he ever came to New York in 1987.

Apparently, the only difference between a 2003 skate shoe and a 2017 skate shoe is the sole. Village Psychic and Lurker Lou did a wear test for Jason Dill’s Mosaic era DVS pro model.

Here’s volume 24 of LurkNYC’s “New York Times” outtakes series. The gap noseslide on the metal step behind Union Square was sick.

The Bunt’s latest is with Drop-In Skatepark alumni, Dick Rizzo, and Skate Muzik’s latest is a Welcome to Hell-themed episode with Beatrice Domond.

The Theories boys went to Chicago.

Calzone is Matt Velez’s sequel to Sable, due to premiere in Brooklyn on November 30th. Full parts from Mark Humienik, Nick Ferro, et al. Flyer here. Small teaser here.

Midtown’s most photogenic ledge spot is back like it never left.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Dirk, we love you, but this is too funny.

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman: “It’s crazy you ride for Polar but aren’t good at wallies.”
Hjalte Halberg: “Yeah, but at least I learned no complys recently.”

Happy birthday Z ♥ No matter the years, this part doesn’t get any less insane.

Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 10, 2017

November 10th, 2017 | 9:05 am | Daily News | 5 Comments

It is more-or-less a Palasonic edition of the countdown this week, plus Andrew Allen at L.A. High continues to hold rank as the most oft-featured skater + spot combo on the #QSTOP10. And not like everyone wasn’t sold on Jamie Foy before, but did he somehow get like 400x gnarlier between his last part and the new Deathwish one?

If anyone has any stoned speed-healing tips on a rolled ankle (not R.I.C.E. bro), feel free to share them :) It’s been a while…

Happy birthday Will-Robson Scott ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @oskarrozenberg on Instagram [link] 10) Chewy Canon via Palasonic [link] 9) Andrew Allen via Hockey III [link] 8) Dustin Henry via IG [link] 7) Benny Fairfax via Palasonic [link] 6) Danny Brady via Palasonic [link] 5) Caleb Barnett via Hockey III [link] 4) Lucas Puig via Palasonic [link] 3) Lucien Clarke via Palasonic [link] 2) Jamal Smith via Palasonic [link] 1) Jamie Foy via “Deathwish Part One” [link]


Previously: November 3, 2017

Also, just going to put this here because it’s nothing but smiles the whole way through ♥ perfect vibes, perfect song, perfect skater combo ♥

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What Up Tree

November 6th, 2017 | 1:43 pm | Daily News | No Comments

Not sure who took this one (Mehring?), but shout out Aaron Szott :)

It’s grey out there, so here’s the clip of Muska hugging a tree to put a smile on your face (it’s tied with this video of like a 500 people rapping every single word to Glizzy’s verse on “Crew” for 2017’s best byte of life-affirming video.) It was a pleasure to watch this new season of Epicly Later’d — Andy Roy defending Jesse Paez was funnier than any bit of scripted comedy that someone could come up with, and if your heart didn’t melt at Reynolds’ relationship with his daughter and Kader, then your insides probably look like the Juicy J “Stay Fly” shirt.

Don’t ask James to trade a nice board for a 2014 Go Skate Day deck that has been sitting next to your radiator for three years. Village Psychic talked to the Labor C.E.O. about skate shop etiquette.

Hotel Blue has a new one over on Thrasher, which has an intro part (right?) for Juan Virues, and a pretty beast Charles Deschamps section at the end.

Kinda awkward when your board sponsor reposts a video of you and captions it “someone give this man a board,” no?

“Can human achievement in general surpass Chewy Cannon’s bank-to-ledge nosegrind or can we only hope to match it?” With the completion of the endlessly postponed, all-London Palace video, Boil the Ocean dwells on the post-2010 tide shifts that have occurred in the British skateboard industry.

This Detroit edit is rad. It chronicles the recent history of all its spots via an overview of changing Google Street Views. Also, it made Detroit look funner to skate (at least for our purposes) than a lot of recent higher profile coverage to come out of there.

The latest episode of Skate Muzik is a tribute to love songs in skate videos.

Someone compiled the past dozen or so editions of Strobeck video IG outtakes.

Skateboard Story is back after a hiatus with an Aaron Herrington interview.

“Electricity acts like a skateboarder traveling down a ramp. The higher the ramp, the more potential energy they have and the further they can travel.” See: Skateboarding as a vessel to teach how electricity works.

Russia’s Absurd Skateboards consistently puts out stuff that looks pretty much unlike anything else out there in skateboarding.

Gang Corp has a rainy day edit from L.E.S. Park in the summer.

…aanndd if you were wondering what the deal with the Barbara Kruger installation at L.E.S. Park is, here you go.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Do we start watching MSG again? Even though we know we’re just going to wind up getting hurt? :(

Quote of the Week: “Gin tastes like shit. Tonic tastes like shit. But somehow, when you mix them together, it tastes like grapefruit.” — Shrimp C

I’m good on hearing a 2017 Wu-Tang album, but there’s something endearing about them recently trending as song concept shortcuts for artists who are half their age.

Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 3, 2017

November 3rd, 2017 | 1:47 am | Daily News | No Comments

We normally avoid posting things like the intro for this week’s Top 10, but let it be a reminder to be safe out there! ♥ Too many close calls with traffic this week…Blondey, Figgy, etc. (somehow there was some new Mark Poole footage where he didn’t have a close call for once.) Have a good last two days of post-6 P.M. sunsets :)

Original Clips:


Intro via @thrashermag on IG [link] 10) Some French Guy? via “De Paris Metrospecitve” [link] 9) Kevin Coakley via “Partial World Tour – Antwerp to Lisboa” [link] 8) Louie Lopez via “Hard Luck Bearings Holiday 2017 Promo” [link] 7) Jan Henrik Kongstein via “Free Part” [link] 6) Carlos Mendoza via “Lurk NYC V.c” [link] 5) Jordan Queijo via IG [link] 4) Bjarne Tjøtta via Daze – Layers [link] 3) Charles Deschamps via Hotel Blue’s Exhaust video [link] 2) Kevin Baekkel via Daze – Layers [link] 1) Bobby Worrest via “Partial World Tour – Antwerp to Lisboa” [link]


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