Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 21, 2018

Been a big past two weeks for guys named Pedro. Dime Glory Challenge recovery took longer than expected, so it has been somewhat of a slow week around the office. We were going to save any inclusions in the countdown from the contest until the official video made its way online. In the meantime, enjoy the final day of summer :)

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Intro via @skategroundmag [link] 10) Juan Saavedra via “Futur Timeline 04” [link] 9) Andrew Considine via WKND’s “Sir Palmer” video [link] 8) Oscar Candon via “Futur Timeline 04” [link] 7) Lee Yankou via Baby Blue part [link] 6) Karl Salah via New Balance’s “My Road” video [link] 5) Trevor Thompsopn via WKND’s “Sir Palmer” video [link] 4) Alex Schmidt via WKND’s “Sir Palmer” video [link] 3) Cam Sedlick via “Damaged” part [link] 2) Jacopo Carozzi via IG [link] 1) Pedro Biagio via New Balance’s “My Road” video [link]


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Legends of the Spa

Four years after the Parks Department sabotaged the best obstacle at New York’s most famous still-standing skate spot, it has returned with a vengeance. Photo via Kyota.

It seems like we traded our annual office tradition of late posts on the Monday during Fashion Week for late posts on the Monday after Glory Challenge. No seasoned QS reader expected an on-time update today though, let’s be honest ;)

Before we get started, let’s talk about perseverance in the face of adversity. No matter what skate trick got away from you, what job interview didn’t call you back, what crush blocked your number…there is always hope. Even if it’s four years, and four broken boards later — maybe you too, one day, will be the recipient of a celebratory “oooohhhhh yeaaaaaahhh” from Alexis Lacroix. It is all a matter of patience and dedication.

FYI: Most remaining stuff in our webstore is on sale.

I know Vice articles about skateboarding tend to get a bad rap on the comments here, but this one is actually pretty good! Zach Harris on the “trend” of skateboarders not treating their bodies like garbage cans anymore. (Save everyone who spent the last three days in Montreal, I imagine.)

And on that note: “Will skateboarding’s notoriously rapid generational churn soon spur a backlash against sober, thoughtful life choices, and bring about a new era of ‘hammer’ tricks, illegitimate children and unpaid debt?” …probably?

Zered has an interview with Juxtapoz mag about his Paper Skaters project.

Village Psychic interrogates Nick Boserio about whether or not skating street on 60mm wheels is “cheating.” Try and read it in his voice.

Noted sweatpants engineer and our good friend Jimmy Gorecki has a nearly two-hour interview on The Nine Club.

Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters uploaded a 12-minute-long raw footy log.

It is wild how much the spot selection in even a skate heaven like Barcelona managed to change over the course of a decade. Tombo uploaded some old footage from a trip out there in 2005 with Puleo, a young Brandon Westgate, and others.

The Traffic team talks about riding a bus from Washington to New York with a pantless man who thought he was the Road Runner, and other stories from when they were filming for their last video.

New York resident Mark Suciu has a longform interview with North.

Here’s a new iPhone edit from Kyota.

Quote of the Week: “Speaking French is 10% pronunciation and 90% attitude.” — Young Lady Giving Impromptu French Lessons at Glory Challenge

You heard it here second on QS ♥

Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 14, 2018

Late one today, blame Dustin Henry.

The office checked out for Glory Challenge before getting to the newer “Battle of Normandy” edits, so we’ll get to those next week. See everyone in Montreal! ♥

…and mentioned it on social, but if you e-mailed for stickers on Wednesday BEFORE 10:57 A.M. New York time, keep a lookout in your mailbox this weekend (maybe you’ll have to wait til next week if you’re out west though.)

Original Clips:


Intro via @alltimers on IG [link] 10) Chewy Canon via “Battle of Normandy 2018: Palace” [link] 9) Josef Scott Jatta via “Battle of Normandy: 2018” [link] 8) Ruben Spelta via “Battle of Normandy 2018: Magenta” [link] 7) Lucas Puig via “Battle of Normandy 2018: Palace” [link] 6) Nick Michel via “prob not all nicks worth peath extras” [link] 5) Jed Anderson via Baby Blue part [link] 4) Tyler Surrey ia “Battle of Normandy: 2018” [link] 3) Wacson Mass via Adidas’ “Selva de Pedra” video [link] 2) Jake Johnson via IG [link] 1) Pedro Delfino via “Welcome to Deathwish” part [link]


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QS Turns Lucky 13 Today …Free Stickers!

Today marks thirteen (!!!) years since the day we registered Quartersnacks.com and began this depository for observations heard on the T.F. bench, sometimes kinda o.k. skate footage, and snarky fashion week coverage a decade before the first runway show would make landfall in a New York skatepark.

Thank you to everyone who has been by our side throughout the journey: everyone who has told a friend about the site, reposted something on social media, given a suggestion that helped us be better at what we do, or asked their mom for QS gear on Christmas. We hope to still be here in some shape or form by the time some guy is lamenting Frog Skateboards and the “good old days of board graphics” in 2045. (Jk, this city will be covered with water by then.) We know there was a prolonged content slump for a good bit of 2018, but we’re back in the office grinding every day, and hopefully (!) you noticed our new haircut.

Here’s a link to the ten-year video, here’s a link to our always relevant 2011 Jake Johnson interview, here’s a link to our Quim remix that everyone seems to like, here’s a link to Meatball losing his bagel, here’s a a link to the M.N.M.F.T.B. post, and here’s a link to buy our book. That just about covers the past 13 years, but if anyone has any bits of content that particularly touched their hearts, feel free to link your fellow readers in the comments ♥

Ok, anyway, yeah free stickers.

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R.I.P. Summer ’18

Jk, it’s gonna be 85 degrees on Tuesday, put your Northface away you lunatic.

Rest in Peace, House of Vans, which will begin demolition today. You were good to us for many miserable winters. You were a safe haven on cold nights that otherwise would have been squandered at bars, and an unofficial place to hold listening parties for new Future albums. You will be missed ♥

If you grew up watching old Zoo videos, Jamie Reyes was no doubt the first girl you saw getting footage all over the city. (Jamie is also one of three women to have a Thrasher cover.) Our good friend Jilleen interviewed her about coming up as a female pro in 90s New York, and just how much the industry has changed since.

Not sure on which planet this constitutes as throwaway footage, but here are some “extras” from Nick Michel’s (the dude who boardslide the double rails at Battery Park) World Peath part, including some New York footage at the end. (The Front Street Ledge ollie is cool.)

Tons of insane spots in Jed Anderson’s part from Blue Tile Lounge’s Baby Blue.

Lottery Boiz 3 is a 22-minute-long, one-third Jersey / one-third New York / one-third Worldstar clips video that reminded me how much joy Soulja Boy’s “Make It Rain” has brought to our lives.

Backroom Tour” is a L.A./Hawaii/New York mini video featuring tons of faces that you’ll recognize from Gang Corp edits.

Someone compiled another 12-minute-long batch of Strobeck outtakes from IG.

Big Boi’s favorite song is Nick Jensen’s tune from Eleventh Hour.

That bad manual pad at the UPS building on the westside is no longer skateable. Honestly have no clue how long this has been the case, as we rarely go down this street after the Parks Department 86ed Gay Ledges. Shout out to Zered Bassett and Eli Reed.

Every pull-quote you have ever read about the differences between California: The Home of the Skate Industry and New York: The Summer Home of the Skate Industry, has pontificated about how easy it is to get “caught up” in the, um, “party scene” here. It will be interesting to see how much of California’s competitive advantage will be shaved off after the state legislature voted to extend last call until 4 A.M. last week.

Quote of the Week: “It looks like something a coke dealer in Montauk would wear.” — Sweet Waste

This has always felt like one of those parts that everyone forgets to mention as a favorite (well, everyone besides Aaron Herrington), but the second someone brings it up, people begin fanning out on it. Also don’t know a single person who doesn’t love that song — though maybe not as much as Big Boi hehe.

Good with either Kate Bush or Soulja Boy, tbh ;)