Quartersnacks Top 10 — December 2, 2016

December 2nd, 2016 | 10:42 am | Daily News | 1 Comment


The entire week became a wash after that Vans video dropped. We capped it out at two inclusions, and left out the kinked rail heard around the world on purpose. Partly because everyone has seen it on every form of social media that exists, partly because word is that it didn’t even count ;) and because the trick that did get picked for #1 was on a rail that we hold a special bias for.

All around insane week in the skateboard world. Could’ve probably done a full top ten off the Sour Skateboards video alone, so you should go watch that if you have yet to do so. Have a good weekend.

Original Clips:


10) Max Palmer is “1one1” [link] 9) Ron Deily in Zoo York’s “Eastern Conference” video [link] 8) Gavin Nolan in Zoo York’s “Eastern Conference” video [link] 7) Karl Salah in “Tsapof” [link] 6) Chris Milic in Dr. Scarecrow link] 5) Sage Elsesser in “Hardies: What Will You Fight For?” [link] 4) Elijah Berle in Vans’ No Way Out video [link] 3) Josef Scott Jatta in Cava [link] 2) Tyshawn Jones in “Hardies: What Will You Fight For?” [link] 1) Kyle Walker in Vans’ No Way Out video [link]


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Also, we are going to have a light restock on some items, plus a few new ones go live on the webstore on Monday at 10 A.M. [est].


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Tyshawn Jones, Na-kel Smith, Kevin Bradley et al. in the New Hardies Promo

December 1st, 2016 | 6:05 pm | Daily News | 2 Comments


After a debut full part in Away Days, a mag cover, Thrasher interview, the last great Love Gap photo and a pro board, TJ caps off what has been the most successful and productive year for a native New York skateboarder probably ever with the first official promo for Hardies Hardware.

The video includes many developments sure to reverberate around sports talk radio for weeks to come, such as Sean Pablo confirming rumors that he did indeed sign the dotted line with Monster Energy, the revival of 1999’s “Song of the Summer” to echo the #musicsupervision of the eternally underrated 411 Roc-a-Fella issue, and the continued pillage of the Madison Square Garden double-set gap-to-rail that has otherwise sat dormant for over a decade.

Features Tyshawn Jones, Who Kid, Na-Kel Smith, Blake Johnson, Brian Briggs, Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, Ben Kadow, Troy Stillwell, Kevin Bradley, Jake Donnelly, Louie Lopez, Donovan Piscopo, Kevin White & Tyquan.

Also, this one flew a bit under the radar, but Marshall put together this sick video of pretty much the same dudes late last year, and in my mind, it acted as the proverbial placeholder for a Hardies team video until now. Skating starts around the 2:30 mark.

The End Was Actually The Beginning — The Year in Ride Channel Headlines

November 30th, 2016 | 8:23 am | Daily News | 10 Comments


One of 2016’s greatest exercises in predicting the future was the Slap message board’s “Ride Channel Article Title Predictions” thread, which made its way to Monday Links back in January. It included brilliant projections like:

Dane Burman quit all his sponsors and now rides for Anti Hero
Zero to Hero real quick

This guy snorted a line of cocaine and then crooked grinded a 12 stair rail
This will blow your mind

Ishod has mysteriously stopped putting out footage
Wair could he be???

Isle Skateboards drastically changes up their team
Cleanup on Isle 6

One of the DGK pro’s is getting married this weekend
Here comes the McBride

Some say Ride Channel is the skateboarding BuzzFeed; others have called it our Fox News (that claim might be disqualified as the same source called QS the equivalent of The Drudge Report — by far the most offensive statement ever made about this website.) We contend that The Ride Channel is actually skateboarding’s HipHopDX, in that it is a website that will write about absolutely anything.

There is no finer destination for the daily happenings of the skateboard world to be condensed into date-headline-subhead. While many of Slap’s title predictions unfortunately fell short of reality, there is a saying about how truth is stranger than fiction (an idiom that would make a great Ride Channel subhead, actually.)

Well, this happened: on the eve of the internet’s annual list season, we present the year in real Ride Channel headlines.

Rainy Update – Max Palmer, Cyrus & John Choi in ‘1one1’

November 29th, 2016 | 2:53 pm | Daily News | 4 Comments


Once a surefire bet for a bi-weekly edit, the always in-demand Johnny Wilson now only emerges from the unregulated cigarette smoke of New York’s hottest nightclubs to drop an edit maybe quarterly. And so, fans of everyone’s favorite skater Max Palmer, everyone’s favorite hucker John Choi, and Johnny’s less nightlife-afflicted and less-prone-to-holding-a-bat brother Andrew have turned to the alternative media for footage of Paych alumni skating knocked over telephone poles.

Sean Dahlberg, whose 2012 video Mama’s Boys brought us the first full-lenth Cyrus part and what was at the time the most comprehensive Max Palmer part in existence, just uploaded an edit with those guys, plus some dope footage of the boys skating the only skatepark in New York that requires helmets + pads, and John Choi doing a bomb switch 360 flip. Do we start a change.org petition for a 2017 John Choi QS part?

Is it weird I’m afraid to watch the Vans video but have watched this three times today?


November 28th, 2016 | 5:02 am | Daily News | 2 Comments


Parts with Josh so amazing.

We’re so lucky to share this planet with dogs.

I _______ in #myalltimers. Alltimers relaunched their website with new holiday goods, a dedicated board wall page, and expect a clip later this week :) Small preview here.

Palomino has QS goods for those in the U.K. or Europe who were unable to snag stuff from the webstore. Includes a handful of items we ourselves are sold out on.

Chris Milic’s Dr. Scarecrow part is incredible. Good bit of New York footage and a barrage of the the most unlikely manuals ever.

Damn, who’s your favorite Bloby? After this new ten-minute mega mix of all their Instagram footage, it has gotten harder to answer that question than ever.

“Kinky Love” is the new VX + steez cam clip from Jesse Alba, which features footage of the legendary Tompkins bank to ledge. R.I.P.

Johnny Wilson and the boys hit up a bunch of concrete parks in Connecticut, and then John Choi skates a large set of stairs on the Trinity campus.

“I’m not sure if it is the fact that they are Nordic, but more the idea that they are more socialist and less capitalist. The UK has monetised the idea of public space, especially in the centres of cities, but the Nordic countries are less like this.” …the story of how a breed of skateable architecture initially began and London, and has since been all but phased out only to have Scandinavian countries carry the torch :(

Bill Strobeck posted a minute clip of a heavy sesh down the Columbus Park rail.

Eli Reed has a new barrier-heavy part over on Jenkem.

Hold up, get too choked up when I think of old stuff.

Dwindle’s official statement on the demise of Cliché. Just as Blueprint introduced a generation of Americans to British skateboarding, Cliché was just as pivotal — along with probably the Flip videos — in bringing greater European skateboarding at large to our side of the Atlantic. Thanks for everything guys.

Haus of Altr: Mint Green is a fun, low-def ten-minute video via the youth. Columbus Park manual made me #lol :)

The state of little kid spots in New York City circa 2005 was really something to behold ♥♥♥ You never truly appreciate anything until it’s gone.

CORRECTION: Despite remarking that the end of days are near due to a rap song appearing in the latest Zero video, we completely spaced on the fact that Chris Cole and Tom Asta skated to Jeezy in Strange World. Sorry Chris, sorry Tom, sorry Jeezy.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: National treasure Nick Young steals a pass from his. own. teammate and hits the game winner. God bless him.

Quote of the Week: “There’s a hospital really close, but it only has two stars on Yelp.” — Dom Travis

2016 has been a rough year on humanity, but at least we found the 2014 Rich Homie Quan buried in Skooly from Rich Kids’ new solo tape, Gucci got his first #1 record, and we have Future’s personal assistant fan fiction. Shout the fuck out to Do or Die.