Quartersnacks Top 10 — August 17, 2018

Weird week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A couple of friends, and a bunch of guys on Santa Cruz who none of us had heard of until this week.

Everyone please stop getting hit by cars in skate clips (and in general.) Thanks.

Original Clips:


Intro via Instagram [link] 10) Chris Milic via “Frog Skaters in Las Vegas” [link] 9) Jacopo Carozzi via Nike SB’s “I-58 Sunbelt” video [link] 8) Maurio Mccoy via Santa Cruz’s Til The End video [link] 7) Bobby Worrest via Nike SB’s “I-58 Sunbelt” video [link] 6) Henry Gartland via Santa Cruz’s Til The End video [link] 5) Ruben Barrack via “Gridlock – Episode 1” [link] 4) Simon Jensen via “Gridlock – Episode 1” [link] 3) Tom Knox via “NB# presents the NM 440 colo(u)rs by Tom Knox” [link] 2) Will Marshall via IG [link] 1) Justin Sommer via via Santa Cruz’s Til The End video [link]


Previously: August 10, 2018

Summer of Love

Wavey via Francesco

The good news is we finally switched over to a circa 2018 design that’s mobile compatible, etc. Hopefully it’s not a Crailtap-getting-rid-of-the-iframes shock to the system, because let’s be honest: it basically looks the same, just moderne. We purged a couple spots that have been gone long enough for people to forget about, cleaned up some shit around the pages, etc. If anything seems to not be working properly, feel free to drop us a line.

The bad news is we are still amidst the same general skate internet content slump we have been experiencing all month. Nearly nothing happened last week…

R.I.P. Delancey Curbs.

On the off chance that you didn’t catch it, Jawn Gardner continues his streak of being one of the most contagiously good vibed skaters to watch in 2018, via his DC Streetsweeper raw files. That A/C contraption he made is nuts…

Gunes’ new FTC part is up there with John’s raw files as what got ran back the most at the office last week. Shout out to everyone who looks like they’re having fun while being really good at skateboarding.

Don’t know much about this one, but “Long Shots & Low Odds” is a ~moody~ seven-minute New York video from Canon Hastings featuring all your New York 2018 dietary staples (wallies, .T.F., a pit stop at the Grand Street courts) + a stubborn commitment to skating those red double cellar doors next to Motorino.

There’s a New York section at the ~8:45 mark of this Chicago video entitled Postcard.

Supreme took over the front page of the Post today.

Idk why it felt like Brandon Westgate “left,” but he’s “back.”

Thrasher also uploaded the Streetsweeper raw files from snow ramp architect, John Shanahan. The Battery Park Subway roof arrest bit is still left without context, but maybe everyone be careful if you’re going to climb up on top of that thing?

TWS posted the article from the Theories guys’ trip down to Mexico.

There’s a Bust Crew video coming soon.

“I feel good because I can make money, because I can help my family, but I don’t give a fuck about the Olympics. I don’t care and I don’t want to be there.” Grey has an interview with Olympian and European life enthusiast, Tiago Lemos.

“The big underground music in America is like house and dance stuff, based on what I see in the shop, and that’s what skaters are buying. When I was getting into deep underground hip-hop growing up, the only other kids listening to it were skaters. Like, you guys know Hieroglyphics? Why? ‘Oh, it was on the blah blah blah VHS.'” This link actually has nothing to do with skating, but is an insightful conversation on how people consume music (particularly rap) in 2018, and a reminder that it’s ok to not have an opinion on some stuff!

Quote of the Week: “If you’re having fun, chances are, you’re breaking at least one law.” — Conor

It’s eerie how well this clip has aged. If you sent this to us sans titles as a “hey my friends went to Paris and here’s our clip!” in 2018, it’d probably get a pass…

Weekend Viewing: Mike Chin in ‘Portland Public Skating 2’

It has been ages since our last “Weekend Viewing” recommendation! And it’s more because we let up on a good habit, rather than there not being anything to send your way these past…four years.

QS is far from a transition-based media enterprise — the “Sup w those two skatepark clips in the top 10?” comment from last week’s #QSTOP10 is evidence of the fact that at least some of our readership mirrors the office’s focus on flatground backside flips and 40-year-old Spaniards doing fakie crooked grinds.

A lot of transition heroes’ greatest feats go over our heads, but there are obviously exceptions to the rule, e.g. we’ll run back any of Oski’s Instagram posts a half dozen times, and Jawn Gardner is currently the funnest to watch skater on earth. We’re not trying to be dickheads, it’s just something we didn’t come of age around. (Though we will confess there is a tiny bit of truth to Roctakon’s three-year-old observation that “nobody looks unhappier than people who are really good at skating transition.”)

Another welcome exception was Mike Chin’s part in Tucker Glasow and Tristan Brillanceau-Lewis‘ amazing new video, Portland Public Skating 2. Given our remedial grasp of transition skating, if granted a wish to inherit anybody’s skatepark abilities, we’d be partial to being able to skate Burnside like Mike Chin. The entire part could easily translate outside of a skatepark, but Chin’s fun versatility has long been a source of admiration among fellow Oregonians.

You can catch Portland Public Skating 2 in full here (features a fire Brent Atchley section, too.) Most people don’t know much about skating in the city apart from Burnside and those few Bledsoe ledge spots, so it is a nice survey of a place with a rich skate history that often gets overshadowed by the single most famous D.I.Y. park.

Alternate YouTube Link

Quartersnacks Top 10 — August 10, 2018

On second look, the two unknown Brazilian guys might be the same unknown Brazilian guy, but this is what happens in a post-titles in skate videos culture.

Gunes’ subterranean cruise and switch back tails at Burnside (more on that shortly…) gave us hype in an otherwise scattershot week in the skateboard universe.

Original Clips:


Intro via IG [link] 10) Shogo Zama via “TIGHTBOOTH x KILLER-BONG = TBKB” [link] 9) Some Brazilian Guy via Blaze Supply’s “The BlazerS” video [link] 8) Jesse Alba via Frog’s “Frog Skateboards x Noah NY” video [link] 7) Brent Atchley via Portland Public Skating 2 [link] 6) Hermann Stene via Volcom’s “Road Rager” video [link] 5) Oscar Candon via “Futur” part [link] 4) Tanner Van Vark via Bump N Grind [link] 3) Another Brazilian Guy via Blaze Supply’s “The BlazerS” video [link] 2) Gunes Ozdogan via “For The City” part [link] 1) Mike Chin via Portland Public Skating 2 [link]


Previously: August 3, 2018

Columbus Park Update

Alternate View #1, Alternate View #2

You can skate Columbus Park in full again!

The runway to the two block is good! (Well, about a third of the court got taken over by rubber, but you should still be good, more or less…)

The handicap rail is no longer with us. The runway for it has been covered in rubber to provide a surface for the exercise equipment that the Parks Department installed in place of one-third of the basketball court. Maybe you have a tiny bit of space to land if you’re going up it, but otherwise, it is rather useless.

Just another chapter in the most skated lower Manhattan spot of the 2010s. Whether or not it will lose some of its marketshare as downtown’s premier bust-free attraction post renovation remains to be seen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sometimes it only takes a small change to really screw with a spot’s feng shui.

Thanks Kyota for the intel.