Ground Zero

September 11th, 2012 | 9:05 am | Time Capsule | 2 Comments

(Fifth Avenue & Waverly Place. 1988. Photo stolen from Matt Weber.)

Still feels like an odd date, eleven years later.

QS 9/11 ten-year anniversary post / 2002 Transworld article re: 9/11 & skateboarding

A gallery of skateboarding photos featuring the Twin Towers

Skate clips filmed at the World Trade Center: 1996-2001

An interview with Ian Reid that touches on skateboarding in New York before and after September 11th

Chrome Ball Incident post of skate photos from the World Trade Center

“Lurking” & post-9/11 New York. “And so it seems appropriate that a skateboard video franchise born in the scene of New York post-9/11 would boast the eponymous title.”

Times Square, September 13, 2001. Click to enlarge.


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  • outdated is out, cuz. why ain’t you writ about that shit

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  • thanks for this

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