Gap x Wu-Wear Collaboration

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In light of diminishing record sales, and in an effort to capitalize on the legions on YouTube users remarking “This is real hip hop that talked about real issues! Not that Lil’ Wayne and Gucci Mane garbage!” on their eighteen-year-old music videos, legacy rap groups from the nineties have been left to reach out for collaborations with companies that do not necessarily sponsor Rock the Bells.

So it was only natural that Wu-Tang (the most heavily romanticized group of this period) and it’s Wu-Wear imprint would reach out to America’s largest clothing chain for a collaboration.

Somewhere between this shirt…

…and Wu-Wear’s legendary Fila boot:

Came this Wu-Wear x Gap shirt for Fall 2011. Wear it to your first day of class under a contrasting hoody and you are bound to get plenty of “BRO! I FUCKING LOVE 36 CHAMBERS!” comments from dudes in Birkenstocks acting like the album just came out last week.

Purchase: $29.95 Wu-Tang Graphic Tee @

With Gap and Wu-Tang, the two largest entities of this American retailer / legacy rap group relationship paired off, the industry has began announcing future collaborations that strike a similar chord:

Boot Camp Click for H & M

The Beatnuts for Club Monaco

D.I.T.C. for J. Crew

Brand Nubian for Uniqlo

M.O.P. for Zara

Others are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. (Ja Rule is reportedly inking a deal with Armani Exchange as you read this.)

Wu-Tang is also expected to re-create this video inside of Gap’s flagship Midtown store in honor of the collaboration:

What about the Hummer with wood grain interior?

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With the summer now completely behind us, here is a quick clip of outtakes from the Heat Wave / End of Summer video. Big thank you to everyone who reposted that clip.

Though this site’s B-footage may be C-footage elsewhere, and our standard for camera-holding (aka “filming”) quality accepts anything with an excess of 20% of the skater’s body in the frame, we are the only skate site on the internet with a Mannie Fresh cameo. This means your color correction, DSL-R handles, and emotional montages are still meaningless by comparison. By popular demand, this clip includes even more footage of Barcelonian prostitutes’ sales pitches, some of Mooney’s more grammatically challenged moments, controversial Google searches, a review of Mulberry Street Turkey Ham, and some second (or even third!) angles. Not to mention Wavy Mike’s suggestions for gender diversification at Supreme.

(Alternate YouTube Link)

The Big Tymers > Radiohead

Gonna have to take Krooked out…

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Krooked released a psychedelia-inspired promo for this fall’s run of Zip Zingers, featuring many impressive feats that require the phrase, “ON A CRUISER BOARD!” to punctuate them (e.g. “He kickflipped a ten-foot fence…on a cruiser board!”) Though Quartersnacks may be miles away from Krooked on a talent level, we are a few steps ahead of them on a conceptual cruiser board level. This may have to do with the fact that cruiser boards are only second in marketshare to the Taxi Commission for post-midnight travel between nightlife beef establishments, and such voyages have left us with a more fashionably attuned eye for the development of such vehicles.

So, be on the lookout for a Quartersnacks cruiser board promo, sometime between 2012 and…2015. It will be filmed entirely on one of these:

What we may lack in skateboard skills, we will make up for with Wavy Mike cameos.

Snackman Cruiser FAQs

Will you be doing another run of these?

If it was a 50% chance back in March, it’s an 80% chance now. Probably for the springtime, because you know, spring is the best time to sell a device needed for transportation from Alcohol Venue A to Alcohol Venue B (to Alcohol Venue C.)

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Tokyo Diamonds

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Meeting of the Minds

September 27th, 2011 | 8:28 pm | Daily News | 3 Comments

Governor Gall recently challenged skateboarding’s resident acne treatment spokesman and Chinatown Park Double-Set/Wall Street Gap Ledge best trick title holder, Ryan Sheckler, to a game of S.K.A.T.E. The game serves as a much-needed breakdown of the increasingly regimented atmosphere that surrounds S.K.A.T.E. in 2011, since no rules were recited prior to play, and the standard “no feet on the ground” rule was disregarded as no complys ran amuck. It’s good to know that the governor is fond of utilizing shove-it variations to weed out opponents’ weak spots at the start of a game. (We’re contractually obligated to mentioned that Mike Wright made it to the final round of the 2004 éS game of S.K.A.T.E. at Tompkins without flipping his board.) Several points of interest:

1. You don’t have to pop fakie shove-its.

2. The “New Jersey Special” is a no comply pop shove-it. Sheckler couldn’t do it.

3. What’s with people that can’t front shove, but can do every other trick known to man?

4. “Now I’m gonna get technical.” [Does a backside bigspin]

5. “Time out.” [Drinks beer]

6. “Where’s all the Red Bull, I need a couple cases.”

7. “Loser’s got to shotgun a beer.”

8. [Sheckler does nollie flip] “Oh fuck!”

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