Day 2: Alaska in Atlanta

Drove all the way to Atlanta from Charlotte, only to show up and have it be eighteen degrees and snowing upon arrival.

Somehow, everyone says there are no street spots in downtown Atlanta (or that they are all knobbed), but I saw at least fifteen that looked fine. 285 cutting through downtown is really the best-looking piece of auxiliary road in America, and lives up to the Youngbloodz song made in its honor.

Not much in the realm of photos this time, as much of the time was spent on the roads and in an environment with a “No Cameras” policy. Atlanta was painful to look at in its twenty-degree version so we zipped through Alabama and Mississippi trough the early morning, and touched down in New Orleans by nine.

Walked into a skateshop in New Orleans and Rich Mahogany was on the screen.


  1. thankfully todd’s enormous head isn’t blocking the TV. huh, huh todd’s cool. i wanna be in his gang

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