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***The above covers have nothing to do with the interviewees, just wanted to post some covers from the Banks, that’s all.

From today (Monday), on through Sunday, the full interviews meant to make up the next week of updates will be put up around the noon / early afternoon portion of the day, so you can read them on your lunch break, or when you’re half awake trying to remember how you made it home last night while wondering where your BlackBerry is.

I’m going to spare you of an explanation as to why one spot, which has more or less not existed for the past seven years, merits a full week of content on the website, because frankly, you should already know. Some of the interviews are long, but none of them are boring. Altogether, it’s about thirty pages total in Microsoft Word, so it’s a bit of reading. The upside is of course, that they are quite entertaining, particularly if you fall into our age group that missed the often heralded “golden era” of New York skateboarding and been left to fill in the blanks with what you can gather from remaining skate videos produced in that era.

As someone who does not typically read interviews of people I have not heard of, I’ll urge anyone that might be turned away on the basis of “Oh, I don’t know this guy,” to give them a shot, especially if you like stories about people getting robbed, being chased by guidos with bats and whatnot. Some of the names may not be immediatley recognizable, but all of them have insanely entertaining stories, and the overall scope of each interview is very subject, as oppossed to individual, based. Obviously there is a bit of personal relativism, but more or less, each one is just a clump of stories about the Banks, skating Downtown, and the nineties.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Ted Barrow, who conducted each interview back during a period of unbridled productivity in 2006 and 2007. Also, thanks to the always reliable Chrome Ball Incident for hooking me up with a ton of photos from the Banks. I might just throw up a gallery in the next few days. I tried to get relevant photo and video content for each one, but the availability of supplementary materials for some of these names was a bit hard to come by, so you’ll just have to deal with plain, old, simple words.

If you run a skateboard media institution, or have the power to influence one, any links would be appreciated, since such rich and detailed skateboard history seems to be hard to come by.

And if you need a quick starter to bring you up to speed to the late-eighties / early-nineties (which is when most of them begin from, 1986 is probably the earliest date mentioned), this article written by Eli Gesner in the late-nineties is definitley worth a read, or a re-read.

Updated Links:
Part 1: Rodney Torres
Part 2: Shane Bovell
Part 3: Charles Lamb
Part 4: Lamont Macintosh
Part 5: Dave Mims
Part 6: The Chrome Ball Gallery
Part 7: Steve Rodriguez
Part 8: Ian Reid
Outro: The End

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