In the Event of Rain…

All signs tend to indicate that it will be pouring in about twwwwooo hours, so unless you are trying to be brave, and power through the chance that you get rained out after venturing to some Philly step leading to a pit of glass surrounded by flesh-eating Rottweilers and hyper-urban graffiti in some remote part of Brooklyn, it is probably best to stay home, and watch skateboard clips on the Internet. Or better yet, pretend like you are actually doing something productive.

Either way, this clip of McFeely skating the TF in pouring rain is one of the funner things to make rounds on the internet in recent times. Usually, skateboarding in the rain is the sort of thing you see l*ngb**rders who don’t know any better doing, so it’s good to see someone actually make an honest attempt at combatting the forces of nature. Hopefully one day, when generic skate videos become much too boring and abandon innovative techniques of pivoting from a frontside 5-0 into a switch crooked grind, snapping up from a lipslide into a tailslide, or whatever trendy combination somebody on Cliché invents on some ledge in Milan, we will see the advent of such high-concept videos that are only filmed in the rain, snow, midst of nuclear meltdown, etc. Has Kenny Reed skated Chernobyl?

The clip is embedded after the jump.

Spotted on Yaje’s blog.

And while we’re on a skating-to-Patsy-Cline tip, this is one of the better clips to ever be on this website.


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