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Here’s a write-up and some photos from the premiere last night of Static III and The Chapman Video. Nike premiere tonight. (90 minutes long, boooooooo).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Video equipment seldom works properly in New York. I’m sure this type of thing doesn’t happen in Los Angeles because they have better weather over there. Various fortunate, but poorly prepared individuals such as myself, Brengar and others snuck past the door guard last night because we did not have tickets. From there, everybody sat around…for an hour, doing all the essentials of time-killing: spitballs, throwing twizlers at people in the rows below us, and sending Little Kevin on beer runs.

Then the video started, or the first five seconds of it — that inevitably turned out to be a DVD malfunction the people who made both videos don’t have the necessary 4 or 5 figure digits to avoid by transferring it to film (it would be better spent on What the Dunks.) After enough time of allowing a large amount of beer to be confiscated, running out of things to throw and yell, the video started.

The Chapman video is short and sweet. Every part is good, with Jake having one of the more anticipated parts of recent times. The video avoids falling trap towards an excess of artsy-ness, which almost seems inevitable for a video so tightly focused on being filmed with fancy cameras. Every minute is enjoyable, and it’s very well put together, even before you take into account that all the skating is quite good as well. Keith, Luke, Brendan and Jake all have solid, well-versed parts. Plus, Luke skates to “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and I could hardly fault any video that has that song. And Miles does a pop-shove in it.

I conveniently bootlegged Jake’s part for distribution on the internet’s Canal Street (better known as Youtube), but then I was informed Jeremy Cohan would “send some people after me,” and I’m not really at liberty to test the effectiveness of his Jewish mafia connections, so you’ll have to wait until legitimate copies make their way to retail.

Between the two videos, there was a trailer for Justin White’s video, which is going to change the whole world’s perspective on shit, and a short segment from The New York Skate Movie, which not unexpectedly, is already a year late. Hamilton Harris gives a heartfelt account of Shut Skateboard’s influence. Looks like it will be a good one, if it ever comes out. (There’s a Ryan Hickey interview in it).

Static III has a fancy credits sequence that is pretty cool. Most of the skating is good, with a few toss-ups between who had the best part; my vote goes to Tony Manfre. It’s pretty much what you’d expect if you’ve seen the last installment: a lot of interesting spots, style – not stunt based – skating, a lot of wallrides, and no school yards or token handrails or double-sets of the month. It does get somewhat tedious when an already long video has thirty seconds of 16mm pushing footage between every part, especially in an age when skate videos already don’t know how to be concise (Nothing But the Truth is 90 minutes, premiering about 5 hours from now in New York, which is insane), but the skating generally makes up for it, and it’s not too hard to push the fast-forward button once it makes its way to DVD or various internet skate video piracy services.

Apparently, if you ever boo at a Danny Renaud part at a premiere, there’s an entourage of girls from Florida ready to tell you to go fuck yourself.

Afterwards, a mystery man let off a stink-bomb in a true, middle school fashion and an hour-long game of “Where are you going? I’m going there. What’s good with this place?” was played.

Although this kid may have pop-shove-ited a gap in the video, he still got hit over the head with a walkie-talkie by nine security guards last night.

This gentleman’s video is going to be better than everyone else’s…

Out of rehab and back on the streets…

The mandatory Astor Place session then occured…

Proceeded by the (even moreso) mandatory Ludlow Street outing…

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