What’s Happenin’


Slow update week, I know. But something is brewing in the kettle right now, don’t worry. Here’s some junk that’s going on in the next few weeks.

The éS Game of Skate is on this Wednesday, July 25 at Tompkins Square. It would probably be in your best interests to show up before 1 if you’re trying to enter. Click here for the schedule for everywhere else in the world.

If you want to try to skate the banks with a million other people, the Back to the Banks event is happening on Saturday, August 11th at 1PM. Click here for the flyer. Sponsored by Volcom, 5Boro, Spitfire, Skateboarder Magazine, Red Bull and Emerica. It’s a best trick contest and a “skate jam” of sorts.

You didn’t hear this from me, but the mysterious Chapman video and Static III are being double-premiered this September at the Houston Street theatre. Miles Marquez does a pop shove it over a gap in the Chapman video, but don’t tell anybody…


  1. Yo Fred Durst is my Favorite artist. I herad he usded to know how to skateboard. Is that true?

    PS I like Pizza

  2. You didn’t hear it from me… but… that sex tape of Mooney and I getting down and outright nasty is available at Big Lug located on Avenue A. But you didn’t hear it from me ;-)


  3. Word, niggas need to have the wind beneath their feet and start dancing with the wolves like kevin costner.

  4. whoever’s saying all this shit is a pathetic loser. no i dont want to fuck any of you guys. no i dont want to live with mooney. no miles doesnt have a big dick.

    just leave me alone. i just moved into the bathroom at max fish, and im happy there. Lo0oZErz!!

  5. Hey em ever had a black man stuff cram your ass full of dick then shove it in your mouth till you gag your saint marks pizza and max fish whiskey and coke?

  6. damn, I wanna be just like you quarter snackers. Sike, but ya’ll do make some decent videos. Two fingers up, yup peace sign.

  7. this post has nothing to do with hardcore newyirk sk8boardind. in hope hink that new clipbe reeally good

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